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The sexualization of girls is happening earlier because of marketers for children, reality shows and expositions of "true beauty" through child beauty contests. The sexualization of girls is happening at a younger and younger age as children, even toddlers, are bombarded with a plethora of adult influences and perceptions, studies say. Vanity and appearance are the themes of these shows centered around competition, with the parents as driving forces pushing their children to be the best in dance, cheer or beauty pageants. If this wasn’t enough of a worry, what really concerns me about the latest pageant I have come across is the mixed and degrading message it is sending about wider societal issues. Looking into things a little further I found you also must be between 5”6 and 5”11 and of course the usual never having been pregnant or had a child, being born female and of good moral character. Even though I may hope, I’m not certain there will ever be a time in the near future when beauty pageants won’t exist.

This article has since been picked up by nine msn, Beauty Pageants slammed for mixed messages. Despite the fact that this whole thing is about looks over substance and a narrow standard of female beauty, organisers and participants still claim the competition is about ‘personality and intelligence’. Miss Universe – and other pageants of their kind – promote a thin, hot, sexy body (as judged by prevailing beauty standards) as the only real valued quality of women. While the organisers of these pageants would claim to care about women’s rights, really such events promote body judging, body comparison and surveillance: none of which advance the status of women. These pageants make it even harder for girls to be valued for qualities other than their physical appearance. A stand alone pageant is concerning enough as it is with the message it sends girls and women about our cultural views of beauty, but when pageants start hijacking an important societal issue we have an even bigger problem.

It's success spawned a number of similar shows — "Dance Moms," "Cheer Perfection" and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," a show focusing on the family and everyday life of Alana Thompson, a 6-year-old pageant contestant previously featured on Toddlers and Tiaras. I guess if a young woman chooses to enter a beauty pageant she knows the chief thing she is being judged on – her body and appearance.

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