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I understand that Mila is a collection of special, super-nutritious chia seeds, but when you can buy 5 pounds of organic chia seeds for the price of one bag of Mila, I begin to question.
If I were on a budget, I would spend my money on the organic bag of regular chia seeds and save the other $40+ dollars to get a good green powder or a massive box of produce.
Mila is far superior, and that’s not just my say so but many others who thought they could go back to regular chia after trying Mila and get the same benefits. Thanks Kevin and other contributors for helpful suggestions; and salba, chia, mila information.

For the one who may have lung cancer, as part of the cancer diet, the testemonials about people who had cancer and got better by drinking kombucha tea are amazing, and almost hard to believe, but it seems to have helped many to heal cancer and other things too, if you go to kombuchaamerica, you can read some. I was given two bags by two different people…yes I liked it but plain ol chia is good too.
I understand what Cherie is saying about its thickening properties (we’ve had the same conversation) but nothing I eat is worth $55 a pound to me, esp the lowly chia seed.
Studies show that more Omega 3’s enter the blood stream with Mila after a month than ordinary chia.

You can see the difference in the seeds- It’s a proprietary blend of the most nutritional strains of chia out there.

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