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If you have not heard of them yet, it’s about time you did and I am here to share how I added this amazing seed into my diet. Anyway, since I am already drinking a fun drink daily, I thought I would just add chia seeds to that.
Studies indicate they canВ control blood sugar because chia seeds slow down how fast our bodies convert carbohydrates into simple sugars.В  Scientists believe chia seeds may have great benefits for diabetics.
Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants that help protect the body from aging, cancer, andВ free radicals. 2 tablespoons of chia seeds have 18% of the daily recommend intake for calcium, 35% for phosphorus, 50% for manganese, andВ 24% for magnesium. Salvia hispanica, commonly known as Chia, is a blooming plant that belongs to the family Lamiaceae ( mint ). It is believed to have originated in southern Mexico and Central America, where the seed played an important role in the diet of the Mayans and Aztecs.
Chia contains 5 times more calcium than milk, three times more iron than spinach, 3 times more antioxidants than blueberriesВ  and 2 times more potassium than bananas. In addition to that, chia seed is the richest source of essential fatty acids such as omega -3 and omega – 6. By adding just two tablespoons of chia seeds into your daily diet you will provide about 7 grams of the recommended daily dose of fiber, 4 grams of proteins, 5 grams of omega -3 fatty acids, 18 % of the recommended daily dose of calcium, 35 % phosphorus, 24 % of magnesium, and 50 % of manganese.

As partof the healthy diet regime, Chia seeds can help encouraging the immune and reproductive system, preventing cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure. A study done at the hospital St.Mihail in Toronto showed that participants who regularly ate chia seeds have a significant reduction of the blood pressure. Eating Chia before meals reduces appetite, gives a feeling of satiety, increases the level of energy, which is the main reason why the seed is so popular for people who try to lose weight.
Incorporating chia seeds into your diet (on a regular basis), helps not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Chia seeds doesn’t have taste, but if you combine it with other food products you will get not only delicious, but also a visual delight. Supposedly, the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans used chia as a staple of their diet and as an energy food. I suggest letting them soak for a few minutes…they are much more tolerable because a gelatinous capsule forms around the seed it goes down alot smoother (also else grit in your teeth). I add them to my yogurt for a snack or make chocolate chia crackers in the dehydrator. I have a bag of chia’s (bought with great intentions but no skills) ‘ve been wondering what to do with!
Start by mixing ¼ cup chia seeds and 1 cup of water, stir after 15 minutes or so, cover the container and place in the refrigerator.

Studies show that chia seeds help patients with bipolar disorder and also in reducing depression and other negative feelings.
You can omit the cocoa powder and vanilla and add a cup of strawberries for a strawberry version, or add cinnamon and nutmeg for a Chai Chia Pudding.
Just add a couple tablespoons of chia seeds (powdered or not) at a time to reach the desired thickness. Just put some chia seeds in water, drain the water off and leave in a jar for a couple days.
Just fill a (porcupine) shaped pot with dirt, sprinkle some chia seeds on top of the dirt and water.
Researchers believe that this same gel-forming phenomenon takes place in the stomach when Chia seed is consumed, thus creating a physical barrier between carbohydrates and digestive enzymes and slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.
I also discovered when my kids spilled their chia seeds that they were eating for a snack that they grow in areas that don’t get much sun and that are often trampled (under the treehouse) and prevent mud. Now, the kids get to eat chia seeds under their treehouse often, and the ones that spill prevent mud.

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