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When Spain conquered the Philippine islands in the 16th century, it was logical that Spanish influences in food preparation and cooking were infused into native Filipino cuisines.
Filipino recipes create dishes that stand out because of the blend of simple and common spices.
Adobo is actually a dish but because it is uniquely Filipino, it becomes a common cooking technique in the Philippines.
Although Filipinos were already using their own spices that time, their knowledge of cooking chemistry was further enhanced when they adopted Spanish cooking.
However, Filipino cooks have developed distinct and unconventional ways when preparing local recipes.

Lemongrass and bay leaf are added to certain recipes to provide strong aroma and pungent taste. It must be separation anxiety that makes Filipino chefs feel unwell if they are forced to use substitutes for what they have been accustomed to use when preparing food. Originally, this method is used for preserving pork or chicken because refrigerator was not yet popular as household equipment in the country centuries ago. Different types of local sausages can last longer without refrigeration, making those ideal for exporting.
Durian, a foul-smelling fruit, is converted into delicious candies and ice cream, while coconut flesh is sweetened to make various products for people with sweet tooth.

This method is known for bringing out the aromatic and savory flavors and facilitating a sumptuous blend into a subtle mix.
Of course, included in the package are unique condiments that showcase Filipinos’ meticulous preference for dips.
Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, chili, calamansi, and many other ingredients are blended to create perfect accompaniment for roasted dishes.

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