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In the long run margarine costs more than grass fed butter, high-fructose corn syrup costs way more than mineral rich maple syrup, and factory-farmed meats take the the bank compared to their sustainably-raised counterparts when it comes to our health.The thing is, though, in the short term real food is more expensive. Make Friends With The Clean 15When it comes to deciding what’s most important to buy organic, I prioritize animal products such as meat, dairy and lard the highest, and produce as second tier. Or At Least An Herb Garden!Not only will this impart tons of flavor to simple meals, you can dry the extra to use year round.
Host A Real Food PlaydateFor many families, the biggest challenge to making budgets work is simply getting enough food on the table without resorting to eating out.One way to get more done without missing out on social time is to coordinate a weekly kitchen playdate with kids happily playing in another room OR helping out. Stock Your PantryBeans are a great way to add bulk to meals, but if you’re an idealist like me you want them properly soaked.
Meal planning is one way to help, but an even simpler way is to have them ready to throw into the crockpot using this time-saving trick.

Then, when you have your meal plan just the way you want it, Real Plans creates a complete shopping list that you can pull up on your smart phone at the grocery store.Click here to learn more about Real Plans14.
Invest In Money Saving Equipment: A FreezerThey pay for themselves and can store baked goods, dairy, meat, fruits and veggies, herbs and more!15.
Always Go Grocery Shopping With A ListPreferably organized by where things are found in the store 22.
By waiting until the next scheduled shopping day you can see your purchases alongside the other things you need and prioritize if you’re over budget. Give her tough (but affordable) cuts of meat like top round, veggies that need to be used quickly and some spices and VOILA!
My mission is to help you put delicious, healthy meals on the table, find effective natural remedies for common complaints, make your own fuss-free personal care and home products, and save time and money in the process.

Learn how I got twenty pounds of tomatoes for $20, plus how to save on meat, healthy fats, and more….
Personally I go for the organic banannas as its usually rather cheap per pound and they are a healthy snack, plus there are so many things you can make with them like a grain free pancake. I did some research and discovered lots of tips for making real food affordable, plus recipes that help our family stretch our food budget.

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