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Jen Wallwork Dominguez spends $3 per meal to feed herself, her husband, two teenagers, and three preschoolers.
Some of the prices in her plan would vary in Australia, and there are a few US-specific food stuffs. Prue learned to cook on a budget when she was a young chef earning ВЈ12 a weekAmanda’s verdict: ‘My children all love tomato soup, and adding sugar took the edge off the tartness. Amanda’s verdict: ‘I didn’t think lunch would be enough to fill my hungry teenager, but the baked apple for afters did the trick! As such, there’s no great variety in my menus, no exotic ingredients that I buy for just one meal. They're cheap, easy to cook, and if you look, most cuisines have a tasty, cheap meal based on beans or minced meat. And today, although Leiths School Of Food And Wine frequently teaches chefs how to prepare michelin-star-style dishes made with expensive ingredients, I still love the challenge of creating something from leftovers — opening the fridge and playing a game of ‘ready, steady, cook’ with whatever I find inside.These cheap, home-made dinners are often far healthier than fat and salt-laden ready-meals.
Meal plans are great, no one wants to waste time shopping and working out what to eat on a Tuesday night. So I was saddened to read research published in the Mail this week, which revealed that soaring food prices are having a terrible effect on the nation’s diet, with cash-strapped families filling up on cheap processed foods, and failing to eat enough fruit and vegetables.

For the evening meal, the fishcakes took a lot of preparing, but I added a dash of mild chilli powder and they were delicious. Meanwhile, cook leeks and mushrooms in butter in a pan, mix them up together with chedder cheese and potato flesh, put back into the potatoes and pop into the oven for 20 minutes at 400F. And we've got some great tips on how to spend less and eat more as well a budget-friendly menu plan for six. She shops solely at ALDI, avoids organic and processed foods, and relies on cheap food staples such as eggs and beans. Leave gourmet cooking or dining out for the weekend when you have the time and energy to enjoy it!
Add breadcrumbs and cheese on the top, bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until soft on top. When that happens, I go looking for something else that uses primarily those same cheap ingredients.
My nanny used to give us baked apples for pudding when we were children — one of my treasured memories. Scrambled eggs for supper can be made extra special with pancetta or Parma ham, and using water instead of milk made it even cheaper.

Leave to cool, then serve the tangerines with shards of caramel scattered over them for a dramatic effect on a shoestring!Prue says: ‘I think chicken legs are best served cold, and the casserole is cheap and filling. I can serve it for children’s tea or dinner parties with discerning guests — and it never fails to please. Serve with boiled rice (some of the tastiest rice can be found incredibly cheaply in Indian supermarkets). I used to teach chalet girls who were preparing to cater for parties of skiiers and needed to learn how to cook warm, nourishing food — and this became a firm favourite.
I managed to buy eight tangerines for just £1 at Asda.’Amanda’s verdict: ‘Every piece of lunch was eaten, but send your child to school with wet-wipes — my twin sons came home covered in bits of chicken!
In the evening, they screamed in horror at the sight of the beans – it looked far too healthy for their liking.

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