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Cheap gourmet recipes, simple lunch ideas, dinner suggestions, cooking tips, cooking contests, beer of the month club, shopping bargains and great deals on gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets. Kung Pao Tofu is an excellent Chinese food option for individuals who follow a Vegetarian diet.
This stuffed pizza is filled with crumbled tofu, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil. Here we toss tempeh with a honey-sesame sauce and serve it over quinoa and shredded carrots for a satisfying vegetarian meal. Whether you’re vegetarian or trying to eat more meatless meals, our healthy and cheap vegetarian dinner recipes are an easy way to save money on your next grocery bill. Years ago, while working as a prep chef for a country club, we served this soup for special occasions.

This is a great recipe for brown bag lunches and is certain to be a hit at parties, picnics, pitch-in's and cook-outs. Some add beef, pork or chicken to the pie mixture, while others include cheese or olives.The spiciness of tamale pies can be controlled through the use of peppers.
And these hearty vegetarian recipes are great examples of how well you can eat on a budget.
One of Flip Flops bartenders, who just happens to be the brother of Executive Chef, Erik Amalfitano, shared the ingredients so I could make the salsa at home. Simply prepare the following recipe, allow pancakes to cool, then store in an airtight container or wrap pancakes in plastic wrap and foil and place in the freezer for up to three months.
If this is not an option, be certain to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water after removing seeds and chopping.The following Vegetarian Tamale Pie recipe was developed by me when I worked at a health food store.

And, if you chicken out (no pun intended), instructions for preparing this popular Chinese dish with chicken are listed at the bottom of this recipe. The Clueless Vegetarian is designed for vegetarians who love good food, cooked from scratch, but also want to have a life.

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