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Money tends to be tight for students attending college; Here are some simple foods that are very affordable.
Fruit or produce stands, outlet stores, and neighborhood farms local to your area may be a great place to check for good prices. Discounted foods may be close to or have passed their expiration date; be sure to check before you buy.

If have any health conditions that require a special diet, check first with your doctor to ensure that you maintain optimum health.
Discount foods don't always go through the same quality control process as name brand foods; be sure to check for foreign matter in the food before cooking and eating. Meet Matt, a wikiHowian from Canada who has been active in the wikiHow community for 4 years. Student food: there are much better ways to fill up a fridge, and more importantly a stomach, while spending little.

He’s an Admin, New Article Booster, and Featured Author, and he has started 25 articles and reviewed over 82,000 edits on the wiki for accuracy and helpfulness. Simple, cheap fruit n’ veg shops can be found all over, often with pleasingly punny names like Fruit A-peel.

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