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Fast and easy dinners are really helpful when it comes to enjoying home-cooked meals after full workdays, but for some of us, having inexpensive meal ideas (or one that uses up pantry ingredients or leftovers) is even better.
Inside the text box, in green text is "this dish." If you click on the green text, it will send you to the recipe page for chicken breast with goat cheese and basil. These meals are so affordable, in part, for the same reason that they’re so good for you: we don’t overdo it on meat.

Save money and time with this menu plan for a week's worth of delicious dinner recipes, plus a shopping list for all the ingredients you'll need. And we’re not talking about converting to a strict beans-and-rice diet every night of the week. We’ve even included New York steak and wild Alaskan salmon in this lineup of weeknight meals and they all come in at $4.50 or less a serving—a fraction of what they would cost in a restaurant.

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