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Find out why baking soda—a powerhouse of a product—is one of the most versatile and effective tools in your household arsenal.
Save money at every meal with these 100 cheap and easy recipes that are under $1 per serving and easy to prepare. With summer on the horizon, many parents are looking for something for their kids to do for three months! If you find yourself constantly battling clutter or trying to keep your schedule under control, these two projects for you. If you're looking to change up your decor, but don't have a lot to spend, here are two easy DIY projects you'll love: a bench made from an old coffee table and some pretty decorative wall art to hang in your favorite room. Get a package of frozen meatballs, throw them in a crock pot, top with lots of marinara, turn crock pot on high, and you are all set. Apply chutney, bacon, and fennel on top of mini pieces of toast is an excellent appetizer to make, and serve. Get some cantaloupe, strawberries, honeydew and some other fruits to place on wooden skews.

1 bunch of Cilantro (coriander) chopped finely.  Please note if you use a mezzaluna use it with both hands and rock from side to side. Mix with cilantro and scallions.  Same ingredients, same sort of pantry so you’re not running out all the time to buy masses of stuff.
You can also find some more easy party food ideas by going to the library or bookstore to look over some recipes cooks. These restaurants, retailers and more offer special discounts and freebies on your birthday. While most summer camps are expensive, here are some cheap and even free options to keep your family busy during summer vacation. Learn how to create a chalkboard wall calendar to keep your family's days in order, and two tricks to keep your kids and your chargers and cords organized with an inexpensive hanging shoe organizer. They are easy to eat as you mingle with people at the party, and most importantly, they are easy to make. If you want some more, consider asking friends for what they do, or what they have seen done at some of the parties they have been to lately.

Always try out the recipes before the big day of the party though; you don’t want to end up serving something that isn’t quite as tasty as you though it would be. And, discover cute DIY decor that's inexpensive and delicious party food that's actually good for you! Joey Galluzzi of Brooklyn Meatball Company makes a healthy versions of buffalo wings, sliders, pizzas and chip dip that will keep your guests coming back for more. Here are a few easy party food ideas so you can get the food planning out of the way quickly. That’s why; we’ve decided to bring you some of the best easy party food ideas, so you can get your party together in the least amount of time possible.

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