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The original and most trusted sea salt brand, referenced in more culinary and nutritional books and journals than any other salt in the world. Light Grey CelticВ® is a whole crystal (coarse), moist salt that is mineral-rich, completely unrefined and hand harvested. Light Grey CelticВ® is certified organic by Nature et ProgrГ©s, the highest level of certification allowed in Europe.
Sea water contains minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, plus many trace elements such as iron, zinc, and manganese.
Celtic Sea SaltВ® Brand Bath Salts are perfect for an all-natural, therapeutic, home sea salt bath.

Adding one cup of Celtic Sea SaltВ® Brand Bath Salts to your bath is like taking a dip in the ocean ~ you emerge refreshed, revitalized and relaxed.
Simply add Celtic Sea SaltВ® bath salts to a warm bath to help draw out impurities and invigorate your skin.
Our salts retain their natural balance of the minerals and trace elements that our bodies need.
Light Grey CelticВ® gets its light grey hue from the pure clay lining of the salt beds where it is harvested.
Bath salts also help with aches, pains and sore muscles, such as those associated with arthritis or muscle injury.

This new addition dissolves faster and is softer on your skin for a more relaxing soak.Using salts sourced from pristine coastal regions around the world provides a clean, detoxifying blend that is high in minerals.
Adding one cup of Celtic Sea SaltВ® Brand Bath Salts is like having a refreshing dip in the ocean. Since each 2 oz pack of 6, Real Sea Salt is unrefined, it is full of natural minerals the body needs.

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