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The original and most trusted sea salt brand, referenced in more culinary and nutritional books and journals than any other salt in the world. Light Grey CelticВ® is a whole crystal (coarse), moist salt that is mineral-rich, completely unrefined and hand harvested. Light Grey CelticВ® is certified organic by Nature et ProgrГ©s, the highest level of certification allowed in Europe. Sea water contains minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, plus many trace elements such as iron, zinc, and manganese. Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey Celtic is a coarse, moist salt that gets a light grey hue from the pure clay sole it is harvested from.
There is no comparison, in taste or in health effects, between mineral-rich Celtic Sea Salt and chemically-treated iodized salts.

The production and distribution of Celtic Sea SaltВ® occurs in our organically certified facility.Since 1976, Celtic Sea SaltВ® Brand sea salts have developed a reputation as some of the finest salts in the world, and many health professional and culinary chefs recommend Celtic Sea SaltВ® Brand by name. Our salts retain their natural balance of the minerals and trace elements that our bodies need.
Light Grey CelticВ® gets its light grey hue from the pure clay lining of the salt beds where it is harvested.
Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey Celtic has a rustic old-world flavor that is more assertive than other varieties. Try using it in cooking, for soups and stews, grilling, or grind it with a mortar & pestle or salt grinder. We also endeavor to introduce customers to uncommon artisan products from around the globe that are unique both in the benefits they impart and the opportunities they create.

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November 12, 2009 Sauerkraut Combines the Health Benefits Offered By All Cruciferous Vegetables November 29, 2012 Celtic Sea SaltВ® is now available at The Fresh Market! Since each 2 oz pack of 6, Real Sea Salt is unrefined, it is full of natural minerals the body needs.

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