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When actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently admitted that her family does not eat grains, the media got all riled up that she was depriving her children’s brains of vital energy and nutrition (see here)!В  Critics of gluten-free diets are all over the media warning people that gluten-free diets are less nutritious and that there is no reason to avoid gluten unless you have a diagnosed allergy or celiac disease (like this NY Times article).В  The concept of gluten-free diets being unhealthy is further supported by scientific journal articles like this one (albeit funded by the Grain Foods Foundation) which espouse on the claimed health benefits of gluten-containing foods. Corn has been shown to be very problematic for celiacs because a protein in corn is so similar to gluten. Well it has definitely made a HUGE difference in my 4 year old, and now I’m finding for myself too. You get a month’s worth of meal ideas, along with the grocery lists for ingredients for each week.
You will also notice that breakfasts and lunches are more or less the same through each week…I think having a structure and predictability in the a special diet meal plan really helps take some stress out of the equation. And please, please share this with those you know who are on a gluten free diet and struggle with planning meals or coming up with new recipes to try! Sign up for a free Favado account and then download for free in the iTunes store for iPhone or Google Play store for Android.
I want to start off by saying Snyder’s gluten free pretzels are addictive and if it weren’t for sprout vegetable pouches and Motts pear apple sauce, my toddler would not eat any fruit or vegetables.

We offer a 14 day free trial, where you’ll get a meal plan and shopping list every single Friday for two weeks. Get access to coupon matchups and store deals for all your favorite stores in your local area for free!В  You’ll be able to compare prices across local stores, quickly find all the coupons that are available for the items that are on sale, build your shopping list around the hottest sales and best deals and more!
Both my husband and I have done the paleo diet and loved it, and have a few celiac friends, so we knew what foods to skip right off the bat. Not really the most child oriented, but they are good enough for mom and dad to not miss having gourmet crackers around out of fear Finn will grab one. They have cake mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, cornbread, pizza crust (which tastes good but I am just not good at making), divine pancake mix- even biscuit mix and all purpose flour you can use cup for cup in recipes that call for flour. You might want to double check there is no cross-contamination on those if you have Celiac.
I have a 17 month old who was diagnosed with ASD two days ago, he doesn’t say any words and and has a hard time communicating and you can imagine the rest…anyway, I just found out about the diet-approach and found your blog, so thank you for sharing! After that we do very little whole grain, which is good for us as long as its organic and preservative free, and a little yogurt and aged cheese (for their good bacteria).

After puberty, these same kids transition away from the abdominal form to the regular headache form. But we did have a really hard time finding actually delicious food for my seriously carb addicted son.
Now gluten doesnt seem to bother him- but taking him off the gluten was so amazing for our family- I will pray it helps you guys just as well! Years ago I was tested for celiac, but as you mention tests are not accurate for those of us suffering an intolerance or sensitivity. You’ve given me new things to look for that sound like food I’ll actually want to eat!

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