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The "Paleo diet" or "Paleolithic diet" (sometimes referred to as the "Caveman Diet") is based on the idea that our bodies are better adapted to what our human ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era.[1] The premise of this diet is that you'll regain lost fortitude and grow to be as strong and vital as our ancestors.
Some followers of the paleo diet eat large quantities of meat and then fast for up to 36 hours at a time.[2] This is supposed to emulate the times of lean in between meals that hunters and gatherers experienced. While some cavemen diet followers consume raw meat, others point out that paleolithic humans had fire and were able to cook.
For the final stage: Drink water, live on unprocessed foods, graze during the day, and enjoy a healthy meal every night.
Start with a paleo breakfast for three days and keep eating as you always have for the remaining meals. The Paleolithic diet, also known as The Caveman Diet, The Stone Age Diet or the Hunter-Gatherer diet sustained the human race for 2.5 million years by providing a healthy diet of fish, wild game, nuts, seeds, insects, vegetables and eggs. Fast-forward to 1975 and Gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin, wrote a book arguing that we humans would greatly benefit from a Paleolithic era diet.
This article takes a look at the Caveman Diet and explains how you can embrace it in your own lifestyle.В Most Paleo people go to great lengths to get grass-fed ruminants, wild-caught fish or hunted meat rather than eat inhumanely raised factory-farmed meat. This is considered a simple to follow, non-regimental, do-it-yourself power diet that will elevate your energy levels back to what they should be. Progressing through several stages, your lifestyle and food consumption will change and with that will come huge shifts in how you feel physically.
Getting rid of extra weight and burning fat is just one of the plus points of The Caveman Diet. This might sound strange but many people claim that they feel lighter and detoxed a few weeks into their paleo diet. By consuming the right food you will inevitably clear your insides of all the harmful chemicals and toxins that have built up over a lifetime of eating non primal foods. 4)      If you have a normal exercise routine or class or sport you take part in, continue to do this – it will only benefit and speed up your progression through the stages. This will kick start your metabolism and as a result you will awaken quicker and feel more alert. You will start to crave the healthy foods that will ultimately get you to that caveman body, both inside and out. It will take most of us between 2 and 4 weeks to reach a stage where we no longer crave food throughout the day.
You body will start to become used to this wakeup call and you will actually look forward to this refreshing drink each morning as part of your ritual. Eating nothing throughout the day would have been hard in stage 1, now you are in stage 2 however you should find this relatively easy.

You should feel your body gravitating towards these natural and healthy foods more and more as you progress through stage 2.
You body now craves this ritual and the coffee you once drank to kick start your system if long gone.
It is important to understand that whilst we are trying to replicate the diet of a Paleolithic man, we should not decline a food type on the basis that it didn’t exist in that era. While we don't have the predators, caves, and short lifespans of the caveman to contend with, there is the reality that many of the foods we consume aren't very healthy for us. The elements of the paleo diet vary according to which source or practitioner of the diet you follow. Within the parameters of the ingredients you are able to consume as part of the paleo diet, you can make a range of different meals.
You should now be enjoying the caveman diet as a lifestyle, no longer craving unhealthy foods, and feeling fit and strong.
When you first start out, it's likely you'll still be able to use some of your cookbooks for basics such as salads and roasting. If you're allowing yourself baked foods in your diet, this can still be possible but the types will be very basic, for example a pan-bread made from just flour and milk or water, perhaps with some fresh herbs for seasoning.
There are also books available for purchase about the caveman diet – take a visit to your local bookstore.
For some people following the caveman diet, it's not only about what goes into your body, but also what feeds your soul. Some paleo diet followers like to work out on an empty stomach at the end of a fast, for the feeling it brings, but that's a purely personal choice and it may just make you feel giddy and weak.
If you're fiddling with blenders, food processors and funny gadgets instead of just getting on with it, perhaps you need to review your approach to the caveman diet.
Just 10,000 years ago with the implementation of agriculture, this way of life changed and we started to incorporate maize, wheat and dairy into our diet. The Caveman Diet, is a diet and lifestyle that will get you exactly that if you stick to it. You will get a massive surge of energy once you really get into this diet and you will feel the food fuelling your body whilst you eat. However the caveman lifestyle goes way beyond just toning abs and dropping body fat (so you can actually see them). Remember we are trying to burn fat here and believe it or not the right way to do this is to constantly feed your body fuel so that it will get used to this constant supply and will no longer need to store energy (fat) for those times when you starve it.

We look forward to the evening feast and have started to feel more energetic, more alive and in tune with what’s going on around us. Unhealthy, deep fried or sugary and starchy snacks turn you off and you have begun to lose body fat and feel more energetic with less food. Sweet potatoes or brown rice are the main carbohydrates used in the paleo diet as they are nutritious and leave you feeling fuller for longer.
Certain dairy products and starchy vegetables such as potatoes for example do have a place in any diet and fitness regime.
However, as stated above you cannot and should not avoid them all together, a balanced diet is key and will help you stay on track.
And for some, a return to eating like cavemen of yore is a way of restoring a little balance.
For a start, any change in your diet of such a magnitude should be discussed with your doctor or dietitian. Just because you're eating the caveman diet doesn't mean you have to go back to tree bark, leaves and flat rocks. But you can’t assume that just because cavemen ate a certain type of food, that it is the same today!
Sticking to the paleo diet strips fat and in conjunction witha decent exercise regime, you can see massive results.
Chances are your diet is the cause of this drop in energy levels and addiction to carbs doesn’t help one bit!
If you decide to get in touch with your natural instincts and give the caveman diet a try, let us know how you are getting on in the comments section. Expand your repertoire of caveman recipes and explore the many possibilities by building on the basics. Similar to the Atkins' diet owing to its heavy reliance on protein and fatty foods, the caveman diet is considered to be unhealthy by some dietitians because it can involve an unhealthy level of fat consumption, has unbalanced vitamins, and is low on carbohydrates, which could leave you feeling weak and tired.[10] After discussing your plans with your doctor, it's probably best to remember that the paleo diet is about tailoring it to fit your optimal needs rather than adhering to being overly strict on things that would otherwise mean it doesn't work for you. Examples of recipes that fit the caveman diet include: broccoli and bacon salad, egg and capsicum salad, pumpkin chicken curry, white fish with macadamia salsa, pancakes made using ground nuts in place of flour, apple glazed turkey breast, shrimp curry, etc.

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