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You can change up the meat and the veggies in this recipe easily, which allows for many variations and will stave off boredom! Ya, I was excited to see a new GAPS legal recipe and bummed when I saw the sweet potatoes…a nono!! I found your website a few days ago and made this recipe first since I already had everything on-hand. I just made this for dinner, with a bag of shredded carrots added in towards the end instead of cooking at the beginning, and lots and lots of spinach (some cooked into the dish, and some served under it like a salad). I’ve made them with and without, and when I made it with chard it doesn’t taste that different!

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Only cook the hash 5 minutes or less with the chard in it, you don’t want to overcook it.
I probably would cook the carrots for 10 minutes rather than 5 before adding the beef, so they can get softer without overcooking the meat.
I also added a little chicken stock because it was a little dry dry and some left over boiled potatoes that I cubed and added in along with the kale. For those on the GAPS or SCD Diet who can’t eat sweet potatoes, an easy substitution would be carrots cut in chunks.

I wouldn’t serve this recipe to more than two people as an entree, though, three if there is a side dish.

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