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Economical: Whether you buy your cast iron new from Amazon or used at a yard sale, it’s a steal either way. If you want a solid piece of cookware that will last not only your lifetime, but also to hand down to the next generation, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on lots of cookware, cast iron is the best place to start. Sentimentality: If you look back through the history of cooking, you will notice that cast iron has always been the mainstay of kitchens everywhere, usually with beans and cornbread as the center of the meal.
Unlike most pots and pans, Dutch ovens need to be seasoned prior to their first use and as maintenance.
I started cooking at a very early age and always favored cast iron over any other type of cookware.
Just heat the Dutch oven, brown all sides of the roast, then add the remaining ingredients before putting it all into the oven.
The simplest form of cast iron is called ‘raw’ cast iron (the black color) and is the traditional cast iron what you will see used in most kitchens and campsites.
Some of the well known brands of old-fashioned cast iron cookware have also come out with their own enameled versions that rival the designer brands. It can be a pain to transfer the food from one pan to another, but there’s no need to if you are using a cast iron skillet.
Cast iron is associated with warm, happy memories of delicious meals shared with family and friends.

If you have yet to experience the warm, buttery taste of biscuits cooked in a Dutch oven after a long day of paddling or hiking, you seriously need to add it to your top ten lists of things to do this year. They are made of iron and consist of a tight fitting flanged lid and bottom legs, which allow a fire source to be under and over the pot contributing to more of a “baking” effect. Camp cooking always seems to result in some amazing food partially due to being extremely hungry after a long day of hiking and paddling but much credit needs to be given to a Dutch oven’s seasoning. Seasoning simply means coating your oven with a layer of oil or grease to keep your food from sticking, your oven from rusting and ultimately contributes to a unique flavor.
There are so many different sizes and types of ovens, and accessories available are plentiful. You can also sear steaks in the skillet on the stove top and finish them in the oven without needing to wash another dish. To my personal delight, I was thrilled to find out that we were going to start selling Lodge Cast Iron Cookware and was first to pick up a copy of “Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101”.
The oven is placed directly over a hot bead of coals and concurrently coals are placed on the lid.
Most ovens, including Lodge Cast Iron come pre-seasoned but if you don’t care for your oven or rarely use it, you may have to periodically re-season it. I recommend you purchase a book or spend some time online researching cooking methods and recipes, but beware, don’t do any of this while hungry!

One self proclaimed camp cook expert once told me that the older your oven, the better your food will taste due to years of flavors and natural oils being absorbed into the inside of your Dutch oven. To properly season your oven, follow the manufactures recommended procedures or search online, you’ll find a ton of how-to’s.
You’ll simply heat up coals (always have extra coals ready to use) and place an even layer under the oven and top of the lid. Store in a cool and dry place with folded paper towels inside and between the lid and the oven to allow air to circulate. No matter what you cook in it, the food looks and tastes better when it’s cooked in cast iron. Most Dutch oven cooking is done at 350 degrees but this will vary depending on what you are cooking.
Lodge Cast Iron recommends that you calculate the number of coals by doubling the the of oven diameter.

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