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Carrot coconut soup rachael ray,low carb paleo,metabolic diet recipes vegetarian - How to DIY

This soup is sooooo comforting, so easy and is pretty much the healthy version of a tanning bed.
When I was little, I thought that eating carrots would make my eyes better and I could get rid of my glasses.
When my brother was a baby, he actually turned orange from eating so much carrot & sweet potato baby food.

Sipping ginger tea right now because of a stomach ache, but I think having this soup might help even more And it won’t have the crazy acidity my stomach dislikes.
Personally, I hate half and half in any kind of soup, it just ends up tasting like milk to me.
We finally had a soup-is-necessary rainy evening in North Carolina last night and this fit the bill perfectly.

My love of carrot ginger soup started in college and I haven’t found a good recipe until now.

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