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I read your book The Paleo Diet several years ago and on page 122 you mention that “Canning also increases the level of oxidized cholesterol in fish, specifically increasing a molecule called 25 hydroxycholesterol that is extremely destructive to the linings of arterial blood vessels. Many health-conscious people eat canned fish for the supposed health benefits and are not aware of the book’s claims.
I read that fresh tuna is higher in mercury than the canned variety, presumably because of it being caught in different waters. Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals. If you’re new to the Paleo lifestyle, you’re probably eating a lot of eggs and plain chicken, and eyeing that can of tuna sitting in your pantry. When it comes to small fisheries, canned tuna is straight tuna that’s caught, immediately prepared, packed raw either alone or with salt and water, and cooked once in the can before it hits your dinner plate. Well, yes, canned tuna is Paleo, but that doesn’t mean you should stock up on just any brand.
The bottom line is that we should steer clear from oxidized cholesterol derived from any and all foods in our diet (see references 1-9). Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy. You know fresh fish is Paleo, but you’re wary of anything that spends time in a can or jar before hitting your dinner plate.

With larger industrial fisheries, the tuna may be sitting on the long line for up to 24 hours before it is pulled in, and then it is cooked (possibly twice) and packed in a variety of additives. Tuna can be an excellent source of cheap and easy protein, but not all brands are the same. Well, we like this canned tuna checklist, with a handful of useful tips for getting the most out of your canned tuna. You’ll find that Starkist and Chicken of the Sea brands contain soy and other additives – NOT Paleo. Oxidized Cholesterol in the Diet Accelerates the Development of Aortic Atherosclerosis in Cholesterol- Fed Rabbits. Change in lipids quality and fatty acids profile of two small pelagic fish: sardinella aurita and sardina pilchardus during canning process in olive oil and tomato sauce respectively. His research emphasis over the past 20 years has focused upon the evolutionary and anthropological basis for diet, health and well being in modern humans. Cans of tuna don’t normally tell you where the tuna came from, whether it is farmed, fed GMO feed, or if it is sustainably caught in healthy, radioactive-free water. Additionally, canned meats and fish are almost always cooked at high heats to prevent botulism, which increases their oxidized cholesterol content. As with anything canned, there’s also the risk of BPA contamination, so it’s very important to pay attention to what you’re buying.

Clearly, canned tuna contains many healthful elements (high protein, high omega 3 long chain fatty acids) and should be part of contemporary Paleo Diets, but fresh tuna and fish is a better option if it is available and you can afford it. Changes in lipids during different sterilizing conditions in canning albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in oil. Polyunsaturated fatty acids in tuna phospholipids: distribution in the sn-2 location and changes during cooking.
Cordain’s scientific publications have examined the nutritional characteristics of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging humans. Proximate composition, cholesterol and fatty acids profile of canned sardines (Sardinella brasiliensis) in soybean oil and tomato sauce. He is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and has lectured extensively on the Paleolithic nutrition worldwide. Cordain is the author of six popular bestselling books including The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook, The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Answer, and The Paleo Diet Cookbook, summarizing his research findings.

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