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If you’re looking to gain muscle mass, or you’re a hard-charging athlete who needs extra fuel beyond real meals to maintain your current level of muscle mass and performance, liquid food – protein powders can be useful. I repeat, consider powder only if you’ve already adjusted your post-workout food to an appropriate balance that includes dense carb sources. If you’re on a mass-gain mission, sleeping well, digesting well, and are chowing down as much food as you can but still need to get some more calories and protein in your system, some powdered food might be okay for you.
The best types of protein powder are either 100% egg white or non-denatured whey protein from a grass-fed source. When you mix a non-denatured whey protein powder into your shakes, use a shaker bottle with a mixer ball and manually blend it or add it at the very end and pulse it just a few times in the blender so that you don’t then denature the protein.
Protein powder supplementation can be useful for those with diminished capacity to chew and swallow like the elderly or someone suffering from dysphagia (inability to swallow), or a very young child who is struggling to consume enough calories. If you are intolerant to whey, a 100% egg white protein may be okay, but the quality of the eggs from which this is made puts it in the category, in my opinion, of a lesser quality food choice.

I am also interested in a paleo protein powder for smoothies (mix of frozen fruit and kale) for my son who is adhd and as an alternative to eggs in the morning or when he has a upset belly say after a party and he gets into foods he should not. I use protein supplements when I am on the go and do not have time to eat breakfast (not healthy, I know). I supplement with whey because sometimes it’s hard for me to get to my 150g protein target every day.
These folks may benefit from including a high quality protein powder into otherwise clean-ingredient shakes. It isn’t an isolated protein powder and, in my opinion, is great for anyone to add to their diet and even post-workout plan.
Great way to get kale into him to but to keep his blood sugar level, would like to add protein.
I quickly blend a protein shake with bananas (or honey etc) and drink it as I am doing my hair.

I make my shoes with almond milk and a teaspoon of flax oil so my body can better absorb that needed protein. Living in San Francisco, which I know you did recently, it is rarely possible to make every meal of your day.
I don’t think you should make people feel guilty for making the occasional HEALTHY protein shake.

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