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Eating healthy on Food Stamps can be a great challenge due to the fact that unhealthy food seems to be cheaper. Eating healthy is an important part of our lives and it is especially essential with children in the house.
Be on the lookout for special offers like buy one get one free and use these times to stock up on all the healthy stuff.
Be on the lookout for healthy food that is also cheap, like nuts, seeds, avocado, berries and eggs are a few examples. Visit your local supermarket regularly and base your weekly meals around specials that you picked up.
Living on Food Stamps is not the end of the world and using it as an excuse to buy cheap processed foods are no longer a valid. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive all the new recipes, DIY projects, and tips straight to your inbox each week! There’s a new documentary coming out exploring the challenges that many Portlanders face who are living in food stamps.
Katy from The Non Consumer Advocate has also tackled this topic during the summer in her July Food Stamp Challenge. A few weeks later I buy milk and 2 boxes of Valentine candy exchange cards in the same transaction, and the food stamps paid for both but not the non-food items. As a mother of 7, our food budget was never for 7 what one of my sons gets for food stamps now. Actually, my husband and I ate better when we were on food stamps than the months leading up to it, and even now, because we had more money dedicated to just food. Another point from economics is that there is only so much food in the world and reasonably available to Americans so increasing money available for the food doesn’t magically create more food.
The point is, I think that sometimes, being frugal and eating healthy is something you have learned from your parents.
I volunteer as a mentor for young women (16-21) who are pregnant and have no family support.
I really do think Food Stamps amounts are geared more towards those who eat meat and do not have any food allergies.
Our family does not recieve food stamps so I am an outsider looking in but I can say while I was pregnant and the first couple of years of our son’s life we did recieve assistance from WIC. I do beleive that you can feed yourself and your family healthy foods while staying on a tight budget. I personally grew up in a relatively high income, 3 person family that spent a larger portion than average of their income on food (about 15% of after tax income); my mom was a pro cook.
It would be a great project for some charity to offer these classes and stop the shaming of food stamp receivers that I see in the papers; that always riles me up. I want to spend quality time with my son when I pick him up from daycare and going to the grocery store is not his idea of a good time so I end up getting us more convenience type foods to get us in and out of the grocery than I was when I wasn’t working. I think is absolutely is possible to live off a food stamp budget, depending on what your budget is. Another thing that affects how much you spend on food is whether or not there are any food restrictions that need to be accounted for.
My family received food stamps for a brief period, when I was a child (we also lived in govt. There is also the problem of transportation – a rural family who has to drive a considerable distance for food, or who only has one store accessible within a reasonable driving distance, is going to face steeper prices than someone in a city with three or four grocery stores within a few miles that are all competing with each other.

I do think it’s still possible for most people with reasonable access to at least one good, competitive supermarket to eat relatively healthfully on a small budget.
Now, to be honest, I work full time, have a car, and I can feed a family of 3 on $250 per month without breaking a sweat. I live in a food desert where the only grocery stores are albertsons and Safeway (within a close range) so it is still difficult especially with only 1 car and my husband working. We get some food stamp assistance and I try to only spend that on food but lately I have been using cash too.
We are currently in our first month of food stamps as a family of five and receive more than we ever use to budget before my husband lost his job. Also known as SNAP, which is short for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Food Stamps can be used to purchase food from convenience stores, supermarkets and even gas stations.
When surviving on the cheapest foods, you are giving up your health to do it and this can cause heart disease, obesity and many more health related problems.
Find recipes that works for you and when you stock up on those specials, buy some peaches or apples and make your own bottled fruit. Eating healthy with Food Stamps is possible to do if you are really committed to the health of your family.
Cooking from scratch will often cost you less than half of what it does to buy the same foodsВ already made. We have gotten so used to eating any food that is available, we forgetВ that fresh foods like produce have a season. Many people think coupons are only for fat, sugar and preservative filled convenience foods. You will find you can get many healthy foods for free with WIC, leaving more money in your SNAP budget for other healthy foods. Food Stamped is showing on February 20 at the Baghad Theater in SE Portland (admission is free with a donation to the Oregon Food Bank). That extra money coming in let us eat a better balance of food rather than just lots of cheap starch. It is much more discreet than the food coupons I had to use and it saves people the embarassment and shame I went through using the actual food coupons. If I eat anything that was manufactured in a facility with gluten I am sick for a week.Therefor I am very limited on what packaged food I can eat. I have been unemployed for the last 60 weeks and i have yet to have a month where I haven’t had to use what little cash I have remaining to buy food at the end of the month. But, if you can eat tofu, tempeh, and beans instead, I find it much cheaper to be a vegetarian than a meat eater. One thing that WIC does that if I am understanding right that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program aka Food Stamps” does not do is the education classes that the recipients are required to attend.
I started couponing after losing my job and my sister had been telling me for a couple of years about how much she was saving, but I didn’t think that it was possible for me because my daughter has a long list of food allergies.
And as previously mentioned, comparison shopping is difficult, even in cities, when you rely on public transportation to make those kinds of trips (even bicycling, while free, is a considerable time investment and many people who receive benefits aren’t working have physical issues that precludes both working and exercising).
I live in washington st and they are not as generous with the food stamps as oregon is I have to try to feed a family of seven on 242 a month and it is hard.
Some families, who are unemployed or have very low-paying jobs get quite a bit of food stamps. You won’t catch me on any diets or purifying cleanses or experiments in going gluten- or lactose-free.

For example, buy fresh produce as much as possible, and use the seeds for the fruit and vegetables you most commonly use in your household and grow them in your backyard or even in your kitchen window sill. Yes cheap foods are more commonly found but it is not healthy, so consider that carefully the next time you go shopping.
These convenience foods are full of sodium, preservatives, and a lot of stuff that isn’t healthy. You will save more money in the long run if you try to shop in season as it will be at the lowest price of the year and allow you to enjoy all the foods you like for this price. Many Frugal Living NW readers are currently or have been on food stamps in the past and don’t need the added burden of reading hurtful comments. When there is a great deal I try to stock up, but even those great deals can’t come close to great deals on animal flesh. And you probably have a limited amount of time and access to transportation for grocery shopping trips.
I think that it is easier to eat healthy in the summertime when fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and at their lowest prices. I have to say it is alittle easier since I have been couponing but with a pantry full of pasta,salad dressing and crackers its not the healthiest of meal makers. Luckily for this season in our life we have the foodstamps to help offset all the other stresses going on. A friend has two kids, one is a baby, the other a preschooler, receives food stamps – $340 a month.
Farmer’s Markets and Co-ops offer many seasonal and local fresh food from meat to veggies and even dairy. Alternatively, you can infuse water with fruit flavors or make unsweetened iced tea for pennies. Her parents decided to do a sink or swim with her and gave her enough money to buy her own groceries when she moved out but not enough to eat out. I now barely spend anything on snack and other foods that my kids without allergies want so that I can now afford the foods that my daughter with allergies needs to be able to eat.
My idea of going voluntarily hungry is waiting until the previews are over to open the candy.
Compost is not always an option, but there is natural compost you can use, like crushed egg shell mixed with banana peels. It has also lowered our total food spending, from over $1000 per month (family of 6) to around $500 per month. It is intended to supplement cash resources each family has; not rely solely on food stamps to put food on the table. Instead, what we hope for is a lesson in empathy; a reminder that hunger and food insecurity are real issues for our friends and neighbors. If the foodstamp program, taught people how to cook from scratch, and choose wisely, they would eat healthier and save money.
We did it because a quarter of Americans eat fast food every day and half of them drink soda every day too.
And a lot of the health problems we are facing could be eased if we got our butts in the kitchen and started cooking.

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