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The following should not be news to anyone following the Cambridge Weight Plan since all CDCs have been informed by HQ, but if it is news to you then please read the below and remember speak to your CDC regarding this and follow their advice. Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day.
The Cambridge Diet is a diet invented by a scientist at, yes, you guessed it Cambridge University.
While you are on the diet you only consume around 400 calories a day, and live off your body weight (fat) instead. Notes:В NICE guidance states that anyone choosing to follow a diet of less than 600 kcals should do so under clinical supervision. Buy Coke Zero this can be drank throughout В the diet, and for me its nice to taste something I actually enjoy!
After speaking to a friend that had just lost 10lbs in her first week I went back to considering how I could adapt the diet to myself and my lifestyle and researching this diet aswell as other shakes and diets I decided to give it another go but this time I have added a small meal by skipping Step 1 and Starting on Step 2. Its 3pm now and my belly is starting to rumble, I am going to stick it out until later so I can have my meal and then a Cambridge soup for Supper. I woke up early again and had a Coffee, Followed by a Chocolate Milkshake and some Coke Zero to tale with me as I was off shopping for crafty bits and pieces to keep me occupied, I have found if I keep myself busy its much easier as I’m not thinking of food all the time! As a summary of the Cambridge diet I think its a great diet if you have the willpower and determination andВ В perseverance itВ requires! Cambridge dietlook goodlose weightlow caloriesmilkshake dietreviewsoupssurviving Cambridge Diettips.

Tomorrow after the weigh in i will go on a a protein meal with veg and then onto low carb, as i feel that my stomach is now just accepting food when i am hungry. Ask your Cambridge Consultant about our mouth-watering range of sweet and savoury flavours. Choose from easy-to-mix shakes, soups, porridge, savoury rice, spaghetti bolognese and vanilla rice pudding, or try our tasty chocolate and yoghurt coated meal bars. If you have a special diet or allergy and would like to know whether our products are suitable, please click the link below for further information, or speak with your Cambridge Consultant. Bars should not be introduced until you have been following Sole Source for at least two weeks. Bars contain a slightly higher proportion of carbohydrate than the other Cambridge Weight Plan products, so if limitation of carbohydrate intake is important then using two bars may compromise this. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys. I also called my consultant and she’s arrange to come and see me at 1pm tomorrow, a day earlier than the usual weigh ins but I am looking forward to choose more food that I will enjoy and not the disgusting porridges and revolting Tomato soups! I did the CD last year as I wanted to at last loose my baby weight ( well baby was now 2 so couldn’t get away with the excuse any longer!!!) hated exercise and every other diet including weight watchers took way to long!
I have struggled all week, although the hunger is not as bad and the habits of the diet have kicked in, I was starting to get very tired of the same bland food day in and day out! My friend also done the diet the same as me and has lost 10lbs but has decided to stick to a healthy low carb diet the same as its easier to live a normal life.

My sis did CD diet again always struggled and she lost 1.5 stone so I thought I’m doing it!!!
Yoghurt Coated bars may be consumed in addition to your one-a-day of either the Chewy or Crunch bar, and up to the maximum number of products allowed each day. I have been really depressed especially on a night time, feeling sorry for myself as lets be honest, If it doesn’t involve food or drink then its probably not that fun!
I felt quiteВ isolatedВ as I avoided food and drink because it made it so much tougher being around something you cant have. If finding it hard to be away from food and I’ve brought the water flavourings, highly recommend berry!
Not sure if this weeks going to be easier or harder as its been so long since I ate food that I enjoy!
As I am still using my products and adding some carbs to my evening meal I have been taking my Cambridge Meal replacement bars to a coffee shop on a morningВ withВ a friend and having black coffee with skimmed milk to introduce the real world into my life again instead of shutting the world of food and drink away! I still have a lot of products left from the Cambridge diet so I am going to carry on using them for a few days but I have decided to stick to a low carb diet and carry on like this as I feel it suits my lifestyle better!
As a treat, freeze one of the shakes and make an ice cream and the lemon bars are amazing too!

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