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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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Although I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, I had plenty of room for tightening and toning. Before surgery, I was exercising regularly and was eating many of the same foods on plan, but was eating them at the wrong time of the day which stalled my results. DAMY has helped me in every area of my life, I originally signed up for weight loss, but soon discovered it was far from my priority, being healthy, feeling vibrant and strong in my own body, and also discovering my energy and zest for life after years of depression have been the best gift to me and my family.
I am amazed at the results achieved, since I am almost 40 and have three children ages 3, 5 and 8. What drew me to her program initially was that we are the same height and I saw her results and read about her fitness journey and was immediately inspired to be apart of the program. I know that I am leaner and healthier than I have ever been when I weighed the same many years ago. I never think about food anymore or feel like I am dieting, I love the kitchen creativity and flexibility I have with food choices. I signed up for the Bikini Body Program that weekend and the next 12 weeks was nothing but great results. After the initial drop in weight, my number plateaued, but I continued to notice changes in body composition.

I feel that I look younger, my hair and skin are healthier and for once I finally feel that I can keep the weight off permanently! Despite my special dietary needs, I had no problem with my meals, given DAMY’s extensive list of healthy food options. I found that blog post and it really sat with me so that day I went home and threw out every diet book I owned and decided I needed to change my life for good starting with the inside!
I feel it is extremely important to try to put words to the fact that my physical transformation is sincerely only 40% of my results. The weight starting dropping off (15 lbs and 10 inches total), I felt more energized and my grocery bill dropped significantly (I was eating clean before but I was eating huge portion sizes!). After having tried other clean diets with some success, I was ready to take it to the next level. I ate on plan and added the superset options, kick it up options, heavy weights and also simultaneously followed her half marathon advanced program. I’ve tried all kinds of weird diets even the cabbage soup diet where I thought I was going to starve to death. Looking back, I wish I had joined for the nutritional aspect because diet is so important to health maintenance.

I got my daily stress relief (and adrenaline fix!) from high intensity workouts like bootcamps, spinning, sprints, and weight training 5-6 times per week. It allowed me a flexible diet and made me learn more about nutrition and a well-balanced diet.
If you take anything away from my story, it is to just remember that keeping on the DIET PLAN is just so important! I had accomplished a lot of other goals, but still wasn’t ready and didn’t know HOW to tackle my weight gain. It DID!  I was extremely bloated from all the junk and in only  12 hours you can see results in my midsection!
Make sure to fill up on fruits and drink AT LEAST 100oz of water I did soup, fruits and water for 2 days!

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