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This article will explore the history of dieting and weight loss techniques throughout the ages. Plato, in his Republic, commenting about the work of Homer makes an observation that “sweet sauces are nowhere mentioned in Homer… all professional athletes are well aware that a man who is to be in good condition should take nothing of the kind.” Greek Athletes had a vegetarian dietThe philosopher Pythagoras is cited as being an early supporter of vegetarianism. Whilst dieting can sometimes be seen as a more female concern, Dewey’s book appealed to masculine ideals of self­ mastery and physical conquest. Moving into the early Twentieth Century, Horace Fletcher was the pioneer of a dieting trend called ‘Fletcherism’. During the 1950s diet products were also beginning to appear on the shelves of supermarkets. In conclusion, dieting trends have covered various different aspects of the way in which we eat ­from the food which we eat, to how frequently we eat it, to the way in which we eat our food. He claimed that a vegetarian diet would derive a healthy body and sharp intellect as well as helping with digestion. As the title suggests, Dewey advocated a diet plan whereby the dieters would abstain from eating breakfast thus only eating two meals per day.

This diet involved eating cabbage soup as a central part of the diet and supplementing it with other low fat foods.
Atkins’ Diet Revolution’, involves a limited consumption of carbohydrates and is thus high in protein.
The diet requires its participants to eat nothing but fruit for the first ten days, it is very strict in specifying which fruits are to be eaten and in what order. The diet gets its name from the way in which it divides the days of the week – for five days one of the week you can eat normally but for two days calories are restricted to 500 for women, and 600 for men (a quarter of the regular amount).
The focus of dieting technique was thus not so much on the food eaten but rather the way in which it was digested, Fletcher believed there to be a relationship between the amount of times that one chews their food and their weight, with thinner people chewing many more times before swallowing and vice versa.
The diet claims that liquid foods are easier to digest and therefore less likely to sit on the stomach and cause weight gain.
Whilst other food is gradually added to the diet, no complete protein is added until Day 19.
One supposed weakness of this diet is that cravings for particular foods on the fasting days can just be pushed off until the next day.

Read our Introduction to Diet Pills, compare all diet pills or see our list of the 5 best diet pills. Their ability to stimulate the central nervous system soon made them popular as diet pills.
The Atkins Diet is probably the most wellВ­known diet of the Twentieth Century, Atkins’ book is estimated to have sold around 15 million copies worldwide.
Critics claim that whilst soup may be healthy and even tasty, it is too unsubstantial to be the staple food of one’s diet. One of the main reasons why this diet comes under criticism however is because it does not follow to accepted dietary guidelines. Consequently, many view the diet as being effective for short­ term weight loss but not cut out to be a long­ term eating plan.

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