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The origin of the Cabbage Soup Diet is unknown – no one has so far claimed to have invented it. Later versions have added other types of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, skimmed milk and brown rice to the eating plan in order to help make the diet more palatable so that people can stick to it for a longer time.
The purpose of the diet is to lose 10 pounds in seven days, though nutritional experts point out that it is impossible to lose that much fat within a week, and that most of the weight loss is due to water and not fat, and therefore not permanent. The basic idea behind the diet is to starve yourself by drinking a lot of cabbage soup and some water on the side.
Cabbage Soup Diet - Lose Weight Fast (Up To 10 lbs In Cabbage Soup Diet: The Cabbage Soup Diet is a weight loss program designed to be used for seven days with the goal of a rapid weight loss of up to ten Cabbage Soup Diet Plan - HowStuffWorks Lose 10 lbs in 7 days with delicious cabbage soup diet recipe (wonder soup) eat as much as you like! Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!360200Cabbage soup diet results are in! I will update you in 1 week on if the weight stayed off after I went off the soup and how my habits may have changed.

I’m currently in Day 10 of the South Beach Diet – Phase 1 and let me tell you that this diet WORKS!!! The low calorie intake at the core of the diet will force the body to enter starvation mode and often make you feel weak through the course of the diet. The trick is to keep your stomach filled with cabbage soup in order to keep hunger away while the body burns fat to maintain itself. Just because I had a chip or a cookie or whatever I did that stepped out of a diet, I didn’t allow that to be an excuse.
The soup itself is based on cabbage, onions (or onion soup mix), tomatoes, green peppers, celery, carrots and mushrooms. WebMD s Cabbage Soup Diet Review gives you the details Lose weight fast with cabbage soup diet People looking for a quick weight-loss diet may be tempted by the cabbage soup diet. But this diet that goes in and out of popularity may not be Cabbage Soup Diet - Moms Who Think The Cabbage Soup Diet plan is very limited.

Offers recipes, plan and information on Cabbage Soup Diet Cabbage Soup Diet Review: Ingredients and Effectiveness Learn about this low-calorie, low-fat diet that you do for 7 days.
It s quick, fast weight loss and we have a diet cabbage soup recipe that is also Urban Dictionary: cabbage soup diet The Cabbage Soup diet can help you lose up to fifteen pounds in just a week. This is not a long term diet, and should be used if there is an event in a week that The Cabbage Soup Diet - Fad Diet Plan - Diet Bites What fat people go on to lose weight.
Apparently, if all you eat is cabbage soup, the weight falls off you, but it makes your shit 20 times more ra New Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe and Schedule The cabbage soup diet allegedly followed by Parton is a seven-day plan that has two parts.

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