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Although mesquite beans and flour were an important food for many Native American tribes, they had been been largely forgotten since the late 19th century.
The long seed pods may be harvested when green (some varieties are also streaked with red) and cooked into a sweet syrup for pancakes, while the dry, tan-colored pods (listen for a rattle when shaken) may be ground into a delicious, gluten-free flour. While the article Beans and Legumes: Are They Paleo is very thorough and excellent, the following studies and papers suggest eliminating the seeds eliminates trypsin inhibitors in mesquite bean flour, flatulence producing triglycerides, phytates by ten times less, and a host of other issues that are present in the seeds. Certainly fresh fruits, veggies and meats are better nutritionally than mesquite flour, but for conventional diets, mesquite is used at only 12-15% to add flavor and aroma in baked goods at low concentrations.

Flour made from the ground beans is becoming more readily available, and if you live in the Southwest, where mesquite trees grow, you can harvest your own beans now or later this year.
Ethnobotanist Richard Felger claimed indigenous populations could obtain their 50g of protein per day from birds, lizards, snakes etc., but preferred the energy for their bodies, provided by the flour milled from the mesquite pods, not seeds. Furthermore, carbon 14 data supports mesquite flour consumption approximately 10,000 years before present day. It’s not that we can’t eat cooked Prosopis, but rather fresh meats, fish, seafood, eggs, organ meats, fresh fruits and veggies are better choices to mesquite beans.

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