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There were a few things that this experiment taught me about myself generally and about how I respond to cyclic ketogenic diets: Deprivation is a good thing. Dave shares research on how a large amount of commercial coffee might have undesirable levels of mycotoxins. The main reason I was willing to try melting butter in my coffee, was to help add fat into my diet. Following the Bulletproof diet infographic guide you can see there are bad fats and healthy fats. I must admit I was using Dave’s Bulletproof diet food along with John Keifer’s “The Carb Nite® Solution” protocol and then naturally ended up with intermittent fasting. Since then, I have added more safe carbohydrates, like white rice and sweet potato into my diet to gain my optimal weight around 88kg.
As a special bonus I have arranged a discount with a UK wholesale supplier of Upgraded™ coffee, and who stocks nearly every other one of his products. If you live in the UK you can buy all of Dave’s Bulletproof products directly from his Upgraded™ Self website here and have them posted to your UK address, but you may need to to pay customs duty. Bulletproof Coffee is made with Upgraded Coffee Beans, grass-fed butter, and Brain Octane™ Oil blended to give you an unfair advantage after your morning routine. Discover how to upgrade your body and your mind using the proven Bulletproof® blueprint to enter your state of high performance every single day.
Those of you that follow Bulletproof on Facebook may recall the picture of my friend Jolly after just 6 minutes of this kind of thing.
We’ll have the Bulletproof Vibe on hand and some other, unreleased technologies for mind and body enhancement.

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Matt SecorAdam Rothfelder - ShortEvery morning I wake up with one thing in mind - bullet proof coffee + upgraded MCT. He didn’t call it that of course he named it BulletproofВ® Coffee and registered it as a trademark.
After enjoying the energy boost from butter tea, when he got back home from his travels, he tested butter in coffee.
Use a digital kitchen scale to measure 35 grams of freshly ground coffee beans per 500 ml of water (2 rounded tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz. I had been reading how children with epilepsy, on a high fat diet (ketogenic diet) had lower risk of seizures, and how Alzheimer patients could benefit from coconut oil. Since I was a teenager, I have been on a low fat diet, just because I thought it was bad for you.
Seeing a yellow layer of melted butter fat floating on top of my coffee was not visually appealing at all.
I feel after listening from episode 1 of his many Bulletproof Radio podcasts, watching him on Creative Live TV for 3 days, buying his Upgradedв„ў Self products and trying them on myself that what Dave says, has merit.
Other trademarks and service marks appearing on this site may be owned by Bulletproof Digital, Inc. Cyclic ketogenic diets are pretty commonly used by bodybuilders in their cutting phase so I was confident that it would work, but I had never done anything that extreme so I was curious to see how I would respond.
Here you will find out about what is BulletproofВ® Coffee from Dave Asprey The Bulletproof Exec.

From there, he refined the process further by: adding a refined coconut oil called, MCT oil or medium chain triglyceride oil, into the coffee. The French Press method which is a boiled coffee method & is the preferred brewing technique. I then mixed in normal virgin coconut oil to get an even thicker oil slick on top of my coffee.
Simple tricks like upgrading your cup of coffee, sleeping smarter, all the way to consciously controlling your brainwaves, are possible with the right information. All messages expressed on The Bulletproof Executive Forum or in the Blog, including comments posted to Blog entries, represent the views of the author exclusively and Bulletproof Digital, Inc.
The food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet; and the food should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise program.
He then went investigating about what are the coffee farming and roasting methods that make the best coffee beans. This is when he was looking at the different coffee processing methods, for example, natural pulped & wet processed.
Other ways to make it are using anВ Aeropress coffee and espresso maker with a stainless steel filter, stove top espresso or pourover coffee like a Hario V60. It takes a few weeks to ramp up to as you have to get your stomach used to it, but now I use a full capful with my bulletproof coffee every morning.

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