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I also use mushroom complexes such as AHCC and Turkey Tail extract, and modified Pectin-C such as Pecstisol (eco Nugenics), but the Budwig Protocol has been the main core treatment.
Below is a video testimonial from Bervin Jackson from Atlanta Georgia who with our help used the Budwig diet cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture to overcome exposure to Black Mold Poisoning. Watch the video below and find out more about Bervin’s personal experience with the Black Mold Poisoning and how he turned his life around using the Budwig diet.
When we came to the Budwig Center in Malaga in May 2014, I had to get wheelchair assistance at the airport.
I continued to use the herbs and homeopathic remedies prescribed to me by the Budwig Center. After being treated at the BUDWIG CENTER, the biopsy showed that the tumor was not cancerous, but it has been about eight months since my last treatment at the Budwig Center. I’d tried a few other natural cures before I tried the Budwig protocol, without much noticeable success. I have put your information about the Budwig Center on my facebook page in hopes that it can help others who are in need of healing or want to prevent diseases.
Jan 4, 2012 started on the BUDWIG CENTER full protocol using the FSOCCheese, TRICAN and homeopathic remedies.

Johanna Budwig protocol here are just a few Johanna Budwig dietВ testimonials and case studies from people with all different types of cancer andВ degenerative diseases. After following the Budwig program carefully the doctors declared his cancer had gone into remission in March 2015.
BUDWIG CENTER provided herbs and the full Budwig program and support at no cost to Latecia.
I would love to help get the word out the budwig diet, and how wonderful you have been to me.
On February 8th 2013, a 5 x 7cm tumor was identified in the front right lobe of my brain, which was removed by surgery on Feb 12th 2013.
My cousin and aunt introduced me to the Budwig protocol and took me and my mother to the Budwig Center in Malaga, Spain.
I’m also continuing the Trican and cod liver oil capsules plus the diet recommendations. She had completed 5 out of her six sessions of Chemo (TAC) when I found out about the Budwig Protocol.
Hakon came back to the BUDWIG CENTER in May 2015 for additional VEGA tests and maintenance treatments.

With the therapy and morale I received at the Budwig Center I was able to return to my treatment and to my life.
She completed all six chemo sessions (Dec 31st 08) and then we started on the Budwig Protocol (Jan 09). Meanwhile I am continuing with my green vege diet, Kangen water protocol and Reliv Lunarich X supplement and fresh ginger juice. The reason I gave up the Budwig Diet is because I knew intuitively that I needed more meat.
The main protocol was the Pancreatic Pork Enzyme and of course a strict Vegetarian Organic diet and his detox program. Magda was immediately prescribed the detoxification program followed by certain dietary recommendations, along with homeopathic and herbal supplements.
I feel confident that with constant Prayers, guided imagery and the Budwig Protocol, I will do just great.

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