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Ever since their time as two of the founding members of the Golf Boys, Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson have been tight. Bubba Watson publicly is taking in stride the results of an unflattering poll that indicated he might not be the most-liked player on the PGA Tour. It’s been long known that PGA Tour star Bubba Watson and pop star Justin Bieber were buddies.
Bubba Watson started showing up at golf tournaments a few months ago with a mysterious tattoo located on his finger.

Bubba Watson almost Bubba Watson-ed himself out of contention during his up-and-down final around at the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai, China. Speculation has been rampant of late regarding what appears to be a tattoo of some sort on Bubba Watson’s left ring finger. Bubba Watson apparently promised he wouldn’t give a repeat performance of what he did at the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah.
Sweet Season Farms in Berrydale, Fla., has immortalized native Floridian Bubba Watson with an eight-acre corn maze on its property.

After having some time to reflect on the events, Bubba Watson took some time on on Tuesday to apologize for his behavior during the PGA Championship at Vallhalla two weeks ago.
Right off the bat he was asked about the Steve Williams interview and his response was classic Bubba.

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