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The Bubba Blade has proven itself in the field to be a product that I like and that I will use on my boat for a long time to come.
For all you fisherman out there, Big Bubba likes the red meat, or should I say the other white meat, as well! The Bubba Blade allows you to apply maximum strength with minimum pressure and fatigue on your joints and muscles allowing you to cut through even the thickest scaled fish.

Well, after hours of cleaning fish I threw away my xxxxxxxxx knives and I'm now Bubba Blade's number one fan! I have used dozens of knifes for filleting salmon and the bubba blade is by far the best knife I have ever used to fillet large fish.
I had about a dozen people use the bubba blade and they were very impressed even though their skills at filleting were not quite crafted, and seasoned, haha.

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