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Taking inspiration from around the world, Jamie produces delicious, nutritious, super-fast food that's perfect for busy people. By submitting this form you consent to receiving news and updates from businesses in the Jamie Oliver Group of companies and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Turn your empty jam jars into beautiful tea-light holders by tying festive ribbon around the top with an ivy leaf or cinnamon stick. Sew your chillies together and hang them around the house to dry – they will look beautifully festive and come in handy when you need a bit of spice in a recipe.

This week Jamie is mostly cooking up outrageous breakfast recipes (with the exception of a killer duck lasagne). Jamie's Christmas breakfast ideas won't drag you away from the presents for too long as they're quick and simple to create. What I love most about this recipe is the little pops of juice you get from the tangy blueberries, which really lift the dish. He was sipping a Christmas Cocktail with Rudolph.Dec 23 - Live Jamie show on here tomorrow.

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