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Wash the rice gently in cold water until the water runs clear (this ensures all the starch is removed so the rice won’t stick), then leave it to soak in cold water.
Put the oil, butter and onion in a pan and fry on a high to medium heat until the onions are very dark brown. Taste the stock and add more salt if necessary – the rice will absorb the salt and once cooked it will taste milder.
For supper, Nani Ami would prepare my favourite chicken broth made from the organic chicken she bought in Lahore’s historic Tollinton Market. Perfumed with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and other spices, she would use the remainder of the chicken broth to make a spiced pilaf; yakhni pulao.
As with the last recipe I have uploaded detailed photos with instructions into a set on flickr.

Hi there, when you say cups do you mean the American ‘cup’ or the English drinking cup- I am so making this recipe!!!
But I did alter the recipe by cooking it on the stove until the rice is tender and then covered with foil and put in the oven. Almost always the water is way too much, and the most common problem is that the top layer of the rice is raw and the bottom is completely mashed up.
Many of my friends who have been round to my place or mom’s will have eaten this and im hoping they will be able to follow this recipe for themselves ( yes Alan, I mean you! Rice contains lots of starch and you need to wash it out basically until the water runs clear. The rice should be cooked beautifully, and the aromatics you added early on will have infused the rice so it’ll have the wonderfully pungent spicy aroma.

The canal’s water a dirty brown, small children leaping in one by one, to cool themselves off in the 40C heat. Only thing I added was yoghurt after frying the meat a little in the onion until it started looking a little browned. Thank you for sharing this recipe, it was easy to follow (though I did use chicken instead of red meat) and tasted great!

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