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Of late, we are incorporating healthy grains like brown rice into our diet on a regular basis. I used to love brown rice, and eat only that, especially mixed with wild rice, but I haven’t had it for ages. To better digest brown rice it is a good idea to rince it and even soak it for at least 2 hours. I started eating brown rice last December…not a big fan, though, because it seems to lack all the flavor of white rice. I love Indian pancakes and curry as well as basmati rice but haven’t really gotten around to trying any of their other dishes. Tamarind Rice Recipe Spice up the Currya food blog with simple, delicious vegetarian recipes. Add the brown rice, salt and garam masala pwd, reduce heat, cover with lid and cook till the rice is done.

I have been eating it for at least five years now and I agree the switch from the fine white rice to brown rice is hard.
I just found your blog That recipe looks great- I love rice-cooker recipes AND Indian food so I will definitely have to make that!
I try to eat brown rice at home but when I was staying at my mom’s house recently I followed a popcorn smell out of my room and it turned out to be basmati cooking in the rice cooker!
The funny thing is, after a while it grows on you and I really don’t like white rice any more.
Lately, I’ve just been leaving rice in the cooker all days, scooping out a serving and eating it with nothing but butter.
Those of you who are trying to develop a taste for brown rice, do try this flavorful recipe. I have planned to make many more recipes from this book and of course I will share those here.

And to make it easy, I have divided the recipe in different steps and that way you can understand the process better and easily. But it does require some cooling time for dry roasting spices to make fine powder.Let me tell you that after spending time and effort in making this rice, you will not get disappointment. Believe me, try making once from scratch and you will stuck to it.If you are going to make this rice on regular basis like once a week or so.
By doing this, you can make this rice in less time.I have added only peanuts for some crunch.

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    Flour in many baked goods seeds are loaded with protein.
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    Flour in many baked goods used as a substitute for almond loaded with protein.