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We always wonder what we should and should not eat for breakfast.В  Some breakfast foods have established themselves as the ideal breakfast meal such as bagels, waffles, pancakes, cereal and pastries. Nood LifestyleNood Lifestyle is a proven leader in health foods and nutrition based in Northern New Jersey (NJ). Another idea that Nell Stephenson mentioned during our show with her yesterday was this entire idea that certain foods are breakfast foods and certain foods are dinner foods and even lunch foods.

I think we’re so used to eating a grain based breakfast of cereal, milk, toast, eggs and maybe some waffles or pancakes with syrup on them with some canned orange juice.
Food is food and we don’t need to get stuck in a rut of green smoothies or cereal for breakfast. This means your body will have no real nutrients to absorb from and will just convert the pastry to fat.В  It is very important to give your body proper nutrients especially for breakfast as it is the first meal of your day.

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