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By Amy Snow and Nancy ZidonisAny deficiency in your horse’s immune system means his health is compromised. There are other ways in which the horse’s immune system can become weak, such as overwork, poor diet, not enough exercise, and emotional stress. Remember that your horse has two sides, so stimulate the acupoints on both the right and left side of your horse.
While one hand is performing the point work, your other hand should be resting comfortably on the horse’s body. Animal Acupressure Charts, Books, DVD's, and more.Research confirms how talking to your body promotes healing . In a study in the journal Infection And Immunity, cells treated with vitamin D increased their production of an endogenous antibiotic and killed more bacteria than untreated cells.

A healthy, balanced immune system supports your horse’s capacity to avoid disease, rebound from injury and enhances his overall vitality. The horse’s immune system must be strong enough to withstand internal and external pathogens. Your horse may have some energetic releases during the acupressure session that let you know that energy is moving in his body and he is benefitting from the session.
Internal pathogens can take the form of being socially isolated or being in a paddock with an aggressive horse, anything that disrupts your horse’s capacity to be in a good frame of mind. We need other resources to support our horse’s immune system and acupressure is an excellent one.
When the body is balanced and Chi is performing optimally, the horse’s immune system is defending his body internally and externally.

During an acupressure session you can influence the flow of energy and nutrients that nourish your horse’s body and promote balance. The Immune System Balancing chart accompanying this article provides you with a way to help your horse stay healthy and perform at his best because his immune system is doing its job. Good nutrition and exercise are absolutely essential to maintaining a strong immune system.

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