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A goat’s pen should have areas of both sun and shade, which can be provided by an overhang attached to their housing or a large tree.
Your goats’ housing should be connected to securely fenced outdoor space as large or small as you can accommodate.
Raising Goats Safely and SecurelyIf predators of any kind are a threat, you need a way to close your goats safely inside their housing when you are not around to supervise. This is an excellent book for anyone raising goats, has way more than you think it will inside, and worth the price just for the medical and parasite related information alone! This is a fantastic book with information that goes far beyond what most books have in them, to the emotional and bonding aspects of goat rasing and cheese. Really nice book but less information on specifics than we would like to see, a great beginner book for anyone though, chekc it out on Amazon for about 4.50 used right now.
This is a good book with a bit more information on milk goats in particular than book above, but is a little thinner. My son actually recognized a disease in one of our goats before I did after reading this book and he's twelve, so I highly recomend this book. Jerry Belanger's indispensable guidance for goat owners continues in a revised edition of his popular handbook, RAISING MILK GOATS THE MODERN WAY.
This book is informative but it is a little dated, Storey's guide to raising diary goats is essentially the same book that has been updated. Including information on legalizing goats in your city, preparing your yard, selecting a milk-goat breed, training techniques for milking, and even some delicious goat cheese recipes, City Goats (Mountaineers Books, 2012) by Jennie P. Lastly, if You Care Deeply About the Quality of the Milk You Drink, and You Hate the Idea of Buying Milk from a Factory Farm, Goat Keeping May Be for You. While milk from your backyard goats will be expensive when compared with the milk from Safeway, it will be of an exceptional quality, unlike any found in a supermarket.
The author’s invaluable experience keeping goats in a unique setting is at the heart of this incredibly useful, practical guide. You do not need to live on huge acreage, but you do need time, passion and a sense of humor to make your backyard farm a paradise for raising goats. Other plants such as ferns, rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain laurel are poisonous to goats. If you have a book you would like reviewed, please send it to 1231 Old Hwy 40, Abilene, Ks 67410.

It includes more information about diseases and medication, new breed information, barn plans, recipes for goat milk products, and more.
And while this was written in the 70s, it still has the longstanding basics of raising goats.
Goats eat a tremendous volume of food and you will often find yourself faced with the job of hauling several 50-pound bags of alfalfa pellets or bales of hay out to your goat yard. Goat poop is an even better soil amendment than rabbit droppings and can be added directly to the soil without composting (but if you’ll be using it for food crops, the Seattle Health Department recommends composting it for a year). Having goats will draw you out to feed stores where they sell Carhartt clothing, baby chicks, fabulous muck boots, and bales of hay in a whole array of varieties you never even knew existed. Brent Zimmerman’s Get Your Goat (Quarry Books, 2012) answers all your questions about keeping goats for milk, meat, fiber or companionship.
In a smaller setting, you’ll have to think more carefully about where you are going to set up your goat area, giving consideration to your goats, your neighbors, and of course, yourself.
If there are young trees in the enclosure, they should be well protected (that is, fenced); otherwise, the goats will make a quick meal out of them.
The easier you can make it on yourself and the more comfortable it is to work, the more enjoyable your goat experiences will be.
All review copies sent will be used as awards at goat shows we sponsor after we have finished reviewing them. Belanger's reassuring, often humorous style makes reading about goats almost as much fun as raising them.
A conscientious owner can keep a pair of goats healthy and happy within a 400-square-foot area (though more is better) if he or she is willing to put in the time, effort, and money. And you may find yourself cursing as you wrestle with your goat in an effort to trim her hooves. He or she will need to construct a very cleverly designed goat shed that makes careful use of space. The brush-clearing services have people who follow behind the goats and clear out the de-leafed branches and haul them away.
You will head to country fairs, where you won’t be able to stop yours from asking people with goats about the benefits of alfalfa over orchard grass. To raise happy, healthy goats, you will need room in your backyard for a goat pen and a goat house, as well as storage space for the goats’ food and other goat-related supplies such as straw.

In addition, to keep a goat healthy, city dwellers will need to go out foraging to bring home fresh greens for their goats.
Locating and training these back up milkers can be difficult, but getting to know people who are interested in your goats and sharing your knowledge can be rewarding. And when it comes time for your goat to give birth, you’ll quite literally get to witness the miracle of life.
And you must know what to do with all that soiled goat bedding that you will clean out at least two or three times a year.Planning Your Backyard FarmHow much room you need will depend on how many goats you will house. A goat can live on good-quality hay and alfalfa pellets but cannot thrive without plenty of fresh greens. It is because people and goats clearing land together are just not nearly as entertaining as goats doing it alone. Unlike horse manure, goat manure can be spread on your garden without the worry that it will seed a new crop of dandelions. There is nothing like watching two kids plop out of their mother and onto your goat shed floor.
Each goat should have ample floor space for sleeping, generous space at the feeding trough, and access to an outdoor enclosure.
If you are breeding your goats, keep in mind that your herd could double or triple each spring. Plenty of happy goats live in what could, at best, be described as rudimentary housing, and plenty of happy goats live in dairy barns that could be described as luxurious. And as you watch the kids take their first few steps and lunge awkwardly in search of a milk-laden teat, you will consider packing it all up and moving to the country to buy even more goats. As long as they are safe and have adequate room and protection from the elements, your goats will adapt well to any housing you can supply.
In addition to the goats’ safety and comfort, you will want to construct housing that makes it easy for you to do your daily chores, with high ceilings and wide doors or aisleways. The first thing to consider when constructing housing is the maximum number of goats you will have at one time.

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