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GREAT article- I'm posting a link on our TRansition website, in our chicken group "The Flock". Interesting article but the focus seems to be on rasing chickens in a rural or large-lot suburban context.
We need to think of urban poultry raising, if only because the notion of living in the country and commuting miles to work each day that is so popular in this country is not likely to survive the energy descent.
If you let your chickens into your garden, they'll tear up your beds and eat most of the plants you want to keep!

The timing of the peak is debatable, with forecasts ranging from 2005 (that is, already here) to 2030. After the peak, the growing gap between falling world oil production and ever-increasing global demand will send prices skyward, with economic results that can only be imagined but will certainly include greatly restricted mobility due to the high cost of fuel and much higher prices for most goods, including food. Easily identifiable by their signature tufts near their ears, Araucanas lay only small blue eggs. TCLocal contributors are committed to researching various aspects of energy descent in Tompkins County and writing up a preliminary plan for each aspect based on purely local challenges and resources.

And there are other ways we might experience a radical reduction in our use of energy; for example, economic collapse, or an expanded war in the middle east. But the factor that makes energy descent a sure thing and sets the theme for this century is "peak oil" — the leveling off of global oil production and then its eventual and inexorable decline.

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