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Speed racers will love the thrill of seeing their own name and favorite color on every page of this book! Take personalized books for kids to another level with Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver, a fully customizable children’s book about the exhilarating life of driving race cars.
You can also modify an “award certificate” for the race your child wins in the story, as well as your personal dedication including an uploaded photo of your child.
Customizing Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver to make your child the main character is a fun and exciting way to draw your child even further into the story and ratchet up their enthusiasm for reading every night.

Later in life, long after your child has moved on from bedtime stories and children’s books, they will return to these books.
From seeing his or her name in the edition of "Racetrack Times” and on the first-prize certificate in the story, to enjoying the presence of his or her favorite color on nearly every page, Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver will demonstrate that personalized books for kids make this rollicking story even more fun for parents and children alike. If your child dreams of getting behind the wheel and zooming around, she or he will be thrilled at how this children’s personalized book weaves him into the story and art of the book. Details you can personalize include, the child’s name (which appears on the cover and throughout the book) the gender, birthday, skin tone, hair color, favorite color, as well as personal information like home town, which will be used to name the race track in the story.

The final product will tell the story of your child, the speedy little race car driver, which will not only be personalized, but will feel almost interactive.
Favorite kid’s books will always have that special place, but a personalized dedication will make it even more powerful.

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