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Osteoporosis and unhealthy bones are more rampant in affluent countries than in poorer countries that still eat a lot of natural green colour-coded foods. Robert Wood, PhD., of Tufts University, who directs the Mineral Bioavailability Lab at the USDA Human Nutrition Center on Aging, reported in the December 2002 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that vitamin K is a limiting factor in the gamma-carboxylation of various bone-regulating proteins. To give you a clearer understanding of why your teeth, nails, and bones become weak and brittle from the age of 24 onward, we need to understand the dangers of acidification.
To counter the potential modern day physical destruction caused by repeatedly consuming caustic, acid-forming foods, your bones break down and dissolve, releasing calcium, potassium, and sodium from the bone matrix to form chemical buffers or anti-acids called bicarbonates to soak up and neutralize the acids.
Osteocalcin, calcitonin, and matrix Gla are calcium-binding proteins that are absolutely essential for guiding calcium into the bone-building osteoblast cells of bones, making strong bone tissues, and preventing osteoporosis. It is manufactured by bacteria in the small intestine, and because antibiotics can kill those bacteria, many researchers feel that this explains the connection between antibiotic use and damage to our bones.

In August 2005 the journal Nutritional Review printed research that vitamin K was important in healthy bone-building function of young girls aged three to 16 years. A Harvard Medical School study, published in the April 2005 edition of Clinical Calcium, demonstrated the efficacy of vitamin K2 to prevent bone loss and reduce the rate of vertebral fractures.
Although bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can slow the loss of bone that leads to debilitating spine curvatures and hip fractures, hormones only delay the process and can’t fix it. They used cod liver oil instead of pharmaceuticals-grade fish oil, and ate lots of green vitamin K1-rich foods, consumed fermented foods to convert K1 to its biologically active form K2, got natural sunshine on their skin (producing sufficient amounts of vitamin D3), and they walked daily and did manual chores that challenged their bones to adapt by becoming stronger. The result – weka bones, poor tooth enamel quality, brittle nails, kidney stones, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and a dissolving backbone. We now know that vitamin K is the only vitamin shown to keep calcium from going into and hardening in arteries, and that it chaperones or guides calcium into the matrix of the bone.

Richard Wood published research in December 2002 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrating that vitamin K2 boosts the gamma-carboxylation of various bone-building proteins that chaperone and deposit calcium in bones, and stops calcium from depositing as coronary plaque in our arteries causing heart attacks. They also ate a micronutrient diet full of critical, alkalinizing calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and bone-building cofactors.
These system-wide communication prohormones encourage overstimulation of the osteoclast (bone-breakdown) cells, leading to weak, porous bones.

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