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BONE BUILDING CELLSBone can be defined as the rigid endoskeleton  of calcium phosphate and forms the endoskeleton of the body . Myeloma cells produce or induce OAFs, which increase osteoclast formation as well as produce osteoblast-inhibiting factors, which block bone formation. It also is involved in supportingm protecting variopus organs in the body, is the site of synthesis of blood cells by haemopoeiesis and also as a storage of minerals like calcium.

These results were observed when MSCs were implanted subcutaneously in mice or were used to treat a mouse model of postmenopausal bone loss. In addition, other studies have shown that Bzb and lenalidomide can inhibit osteoclast (OCL) formation in addition to blocking the growth of myeloma cells (10, 16). These results reflect the utility of targeting endogenous MSCs for the purpose of tissue repair and suggest that combining different classes of agents that are antineoplastic and also inhibit bone destruction and increase bone formation should be very beneficial for myeloma patients suffering from severe bone disease.

These results suggest that combination therapy that includes Bzb with lenalidomide or thalidomide may both enhance the antineoplastic effects of either agent and increase bone formation by stimulating osteoblast activity and inhibiting osteoclastic bone destruction, respectively.

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