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People with type O blood should have plenty of fish and vegetables, says the Blood Type diet creator. If you have type O blood, Blood Type diet creator Peter D'Adamo says you should eat differently from people with other blood types. D'Adamo says that people with type O blood can eat plenty of fish, beef, lamb and vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, kale, onions, beets, garlic and red peppers, but should limit their intake of poultry, shellfish, many types of beans and legumes and many types of fruit and vegetables such as asparagus, mushrooms, carrots and cucumbers to one or two servings per week. People with type O blood shouldn't drink cow's milk, certain types of alcohol including beer or spirits and beverages containing caffeine like coffee or black tea, says D'Adamo. Blood Type dieters are instructed to take dietary supplements that will supposedly help them avoid developing medical conditions unique to people with their blood type.

Jampolis warns that the diet D’Adamo recommends for a person with type O blood is not balanced because it completely eliminates dairy products and grains like wheat. Type O blood type individuals are advised to completely avoid all pork products, eggs, dairy products, peanuts, cabbage, potatoes, avocados, eggplant and most grain products, including any bread or pasta made from white or wheat flour. People with type O blood should take bladderwrack -- a form of kelp -- advises D'Adamo, to promote weight loss.
According to D'Adamo, people with type O blood are the direct descendants of these prehistoric people.
Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky agrees, saying that the Blood Type diet is not based on any scientific evidence.

You might lose weight following the Blood Type diet's guidelines for type O people, but respected health experts, including diet and fitness expert Dr. Do not begin any form of the Blood Type diet until you’ve spoken to your doctor about the possible dangers.

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