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After monitoring my blood sugar levels each day for months and months, I noticed repeating patterns. As I continued my diet regimen I found that I was naturally consuming far less calories than before.
After experimenting and adjusting, I ended up on a calorie restricted diet with good nutrition.
Now, diabetics who take insulin or other medications cannot skip meals because of the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

However, Type II diabetics WHO ARE NOT ON INSULIN OR MEDICATION generally have HIGH blood sugar rather than low. One benefit of this dietary approach appears to be the improvement in blood sugar levels which I had stumbled upon. As I researched CRON further I found that many of the biometric and quality-of-life improvements that I had experienced were associated with the CRON dietary approach. When I skipped meals I felt hungry, but my blood sugar levels went down - sometimes all the way to the normal range!

My modifications do not violate the basic principles of the CRON diet, but they are not part of the original diet.

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