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Although it’s fantastic that she was up and active, doing the same exact workout every day along with no diet or lifestyle change = no overall change!
So next time you’re thinking of making a change, don’t just commit to a diet or workout routine- commit to a lifestyle change! In the mean time, because I have to be educational in all of my posts ;) , I wanted to talk about the typical Japanese diet. Of course every individual is different, but this list gives a base of understanding about what elimination diets focus on. Well, the nutritionist gave me some specific guidelines for an elimination diet to help my eczema, but I’m the type of person that needs to plan it out in order to successfully accomplish things.

Like I said in my last post, I saw on Food Hospital that an elimination diet could significantly reduce eczema, and I found that that is correct!
The great part is that my favorite Pilates girl, Cassey from Blogilates, created a 90 day health plan that happens to follow the elimination diet (you can find her plan here)! The point of this diet is to eliminate coming in contact with the foods that cause allergic reactions, and to bring your body’s pH to the more alkaline (or basic) side rather than acidic (which causes many different health problems). So with that, I will be starting the elimination diet and taking new supplements on Monday!
There’s still time to join me and make a nutrition change for the month of June, whether it’s cutting out fast food or starting a new diet plan!

Across the board, an elimination diet means taking out all of the foods that can cause as adverse reaction in the body, along with foods with a high acidic content. I’ve already taken the smaller steps of cutting out gluten and reducing my sugar intake so that it makes this diet change not as intimidating!
The more I think about the Japanese diet, the more I understand how they stay so slim and healthy!

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