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Hotdog on stick are mandatory during kid’s birthday parties as a lot of children enjoy eating hotdogs with marshmallow.Hotdog on stick with marshmallow are also a wonderful decoration. Filipinos also served pancit on most parties and not just on birthday celebration as the food symbolizes long life. Spring rolls or lumpia are other terrific party foods for kids and adults that you can include on the menu.Spring rolls usually made of vegetables and meat.
Birthday cake are very important, which is why most parents would buy the largest or the cutest cake for their kid birthday party. Kids birthday party can be celebrated in multiple ways like as a parent you can do something different and colorful decoration which kids likes most.
A couple last things to note about Filipino parties – they typically last hours (like 5 hours) and do not start until an hour (or sometimes two) after the scheduled time. I have been to one Filipino Party and I can say there was a TON of food…and it was all DELICIOUS!

I’ve turned down food at a filipino party at least twice due to a full stomach, and the host would look offended at first. Her birthday party was a blast because its actually the first time where we have lots of kiddie guests. These lists are actually here in the Philippines specially when you were invited to attend a birthday party for kids. In fact, even low-income families make certain they at least have spaghetti to celebrate their kids’ birthday.
A lot of people enjoy eating fried chicken without rice, especially kids on birthday celebration. You can see this dessert on Christmas celebration, New Year, Birthdays and other pinoy celebrations. So when you consider purchasing a cake for kid’s on his birthday, then remember some good things that you should always buy the chocolate cake because kids loves the chocolate.

Though I must say, the Filipino party is looking and feeling like the African American party with the theme, colors and of course the sometimes late start.
A birthday party is never complete without a birthday cake, so even adults have birthday cake on their birthdays.
I expect we’ll carry on the food-centered birthday party tradition for a while, maybe even forever, unless the boys have other requests of course.

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