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The idea behind a mysterious boarder could've been interesting, but then this Violet chick had to go all Bella Swan on him. Well, it only is because either she borrows gothic horror tropes that have nothing to do with the actual story, like the whole deal with a crossroads demon or the entire discussion of music and art, or she comes up with these fake outs, like the stuff with the creepy kids waving stakes around, that end up being nothing, and the whole effect is like the book equivalent of eating cotton candy, filler to make you feel like you're getting something substantive but in reality is nothing at all.
Between the pointless atmosphere, the tedious non-plot, the terrible romance, the laughable characters, I can't even begin to express my disappointment.

I just made the comparison to Raven Boys because there the writing built up the setting and advanced the story, this was just fluff for the sake of fluff. I couldn't get into the writing style, the setting was unrealistic, and the humor was horrible.
It's just random pointless shit happening because River is a mysterious loner dude and potential menace to society.

That leads to the dumbest plot twist ever because in order to make the romance work he can't be a completely irredeemable psycho - even though murder is still murder.

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