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Nobody expects you to deprive yourself of the delicious seasonal fare, but remember moderation is important, and maybe even some perusing of the App Store can help, too. Luckily for you, Heavy’s Tech section is always looking for great, sometimes-obscure apps that can help you achieve your hopes and dreams. After a user has completed a scripted workout — or a custom workout they created — they can challenge someone they know to beat their time, reps, etc., or they can broadcast their triumphant workout to the world and accept challenges from all-comers. The use of online community support and competition is a great strategy by The Fitness Games, and this app is definitely worth a look for people who have a difficult time getting motivated to work out.
As with many other fitness apps, Workout Trainer squeezes in as many plays-on-words as they possibly can, such as “Tri, Tri Again” and “Armored with Dumbbells.” Not-so-clever puns aside, the range of workouts are impressive, and they can be as short as only a few minutes or more than an hour. Workout Trainer also offers programs that last as long as a couple weeks, but those will cost users $9.99 or more.

Similar to The Fitness Games and many other fitness apps, Workout Trainer also has demonstration videos, but those are only available in the PRO version of the app. The Fitness Games (left) clearly labels its workouts and provides free example photos and demonstration videos for each workout. Workout Trainer definitely has quality workouts and a lot of options, but it’s clear that every move the developers made was to make some money. There are thousands of apps that help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it. When he decided it was time for a change, he moved in with an uncle who helped keep him on track with his dieting and workout plan. New users are prompted to enter how many times per week they want to workout and the primary barrier they face to achieving their fitness goals.

There are also subscription models where users can have unlimited access to everything for one year in the app for $59.99. While that’s fine for them, app users tend to not really like a bunch of pay-walls in their apps.

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