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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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Since 1996, Houston Weight Loss and Lipo Centers have helped thousands of Houston area patients lose weight and keep it off. Our weight loss programs include a combination of weight loss supplements, low calorie diets and prescription appetite suppressants for fast and long term weight loss. Houston Weight Loss and Lipo Centers invite you to visit our testimonials page and read about our weight loss success stories. The staff at the Houston Weight Loss and Lipo Centers is always happy to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will get you results. Briefly, BMI (body mass index), which describes relative weight for height, is an important indicator of total body fat and overall health. Many studies support the benefit of weight reduction in improving different medical conditions.
These stories offer testimony that other people just like you, or with similar weight loss struggles, have been able to lose weight with our weight loss programs. This means if you eat more calories than what your body use, the extra calories will be stored as fat and you will gain weight.

Examples are as follows: 1)reducing the risk of diabetes, 2)reducing blood pressure, 3)improving cholesterol, 4)decreasing the risk of arthritis and most importantly, death rate is lower in those trying to lose weight, even if they did not actually lose weight. Don't be discouraged if your weight loss slows down as you continue to try to lose weight over a period of months. Consider surgery if your BMI is > 40 and traditional methods of weight loss, such as diet, exercise and medications, have failed. In morbidly obese patients, bariatric surgery was more effective at producing weight loss than non-surgical treatment. Options for weight loss include behavior modification, dietary therapy, exercise, drug therapy, and bariatric surgery. Those who maintain weight loss tend to maintain lower blood pressure than those who regain weight.
Basically, as you lose weight, you will need to adjust your goal weight to continue to lose weight.
Studies show a difference of weight loss of 70 pounds at 1-2 years follow up and 44 pounds at 8 years follow up.

Alterrnatively, you can go for a 10% reduction in body weight within a 6 months time frame. All it takes is an additional 500 calories per day, which is not a lot, to increase your weight one pound per week. This means that you will need to eat less to continue to be in negative calorie balance to lose weight. Otherwise, join programs such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Curves,Yoga, Pilates, or join the variety of dancing programs that's available in your community.

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