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Weight Loss: Green juice recipes for weight loss, when consumed at regular intervals during the day instead of fast food or snacks, can provide sufficient nutrition required for the body. Immunity and Metabolism: Green juices like broccoli, spinach and kale contain such chemical compounds that boost up your metabolism and increase your body’s overall immunity.
Mean green is the best green juice recipe because it is full of greens and still very tasty.
To extract the most out of the weight loss juice recipes, we need to balance the greens with fruits to make them tastier. So, if you are trying to get rid of all that extra weight and gain a perfect lean physique, then these green juice recipes for weight loss are a perfect solution. The health benefits of fresh juicy fruits and vegetables need no further emphasis, but with our busy schedules and over dependence on processed foods and ready to eat meals most of us fail to reach the daily intake of 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
The high level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in juices helps in maintaining proper health and regular consumption enhances beauty naturally and promotes healthy hair growth.
When it comes to weight loss, it is always better to stick to more vegetable juices because fruit juices contain a large amount of fruit sugar even when no additional sugar is added to it and it can affect a person’s weight loss efforts in a negative way.
Put all the ingredients in a juices or food processor and process till it turns in to a nice smoothie. Grapefruit is a power food for weight loss because a certain enzyme present in this pink citrus fruit lowers insulin level in blood and prevents the secretion of fat storing hormones that helps in weight loss.
As far as beautiful and healthy skin is concerned, it is best to choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, A, B and C and beta-carotene as vitamin C and beta-carotene are the building blocks of youthful and bright skin that glows from within. On juicing the vegetables all the sugar is separated from the pulp and is readily available for your body to consume and use as a source of energy. Consumption of these juices when interspersed with regular meals keeps you sufficiently full and cuts out the tendency to over eat between meals.

This green juice recipe for weight loss works wonders on your body as it eliminates fats, cholesterol and extra sugars.
But juicing is an easy and fun way of consuming all the nutrients and goodness of vegetable sand fruits without spending time on cooking. The vitamin C in freshly squeezed juices improves collagen level in skin which is a key factor for skin elasticity that makes skin smooth, supple and younger. Beet juice reduces skin irritations, acne and pimples while the oxalic acids helps in dissolving inorganic calcium deposits that works as a natural remedy for kidney stones, arthritis and heart diseases.
This is a perfect example of a tasty weigh loss juice recipe, as it includes kiwi, pear and pineapples in it. Juices are an integral part of any well-planned weight loss diet and in addition it also provides great and youthful looking skin, shining hair and healthy nails. The mineral calcium present in certain fruit and vegetables juices helps in strengthening bones, fighting arthritis, lowering high blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Both apples and kale are super foods for weight loss and mint is a natural stimulant that helps digestion and converts fats in to usable energy. Peel the grapefruit and cut it into a few pieces add with all the other ingredients in the juicer and enjoy your tangy smoothie. Put all the ingredients in a juicer and make a smooth paste with thin consistency.В  Have it as a mid-morning snack or in the afternoon.
Veggies are the HEALTHIEST foods on the planet, and you should be looking for ways to eat MORE veggies. These often contain high fat, sugar, carbohydrates, due to which, people gain more weight and grow unhealthy. Now that you know the secret to a fit body, beautiful skin and shining long tresses; enjoy your juices and flaunt your beauty to the world.

You feel better about yourself after drinking these natural juices!The truth is that juicing is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health! Fruits should be the sweet base of your juices, giving them the delicious flavor that you enjoy.However, fruits should only play a SMALL part in your juices. The same sugar that gives them their sweet flavor can lead to high glucose levels, weight gain, and other health issues. The majority of your juices should be rich in veggies, with fruit as the base of the flavor! There are two types of juicers: #1 Centrifugal Juicer These are high-powered juicers that can slice and dice pretty much any vegetable or fruit you want to juice. With blades that spin at upwards of 6,000 RPM, these juicers can produce A LOT of juice in a matter of minutes. Masticating juicers have augers that spin at roughly 80 RPM, meaning that they slowly crush the fruits rather than slicing them up. With the Omega VRT350, you get a high-powered, low-speed masticating juicer that can grind anything into a fine juice. Drop the orange quarters into the juicer, along with a small piece of peel (it contains special health-boosting oils!).Cut the pear and apple in half, slice out the cores, and drop them into the juicer.

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