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The Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Diet certainly isn't a fad diet - it's endorsed by the National Institutes of Health. Traditionally, women are told to watch their calorie intake to lose weight, which may not be sustainable for long periods of time. The others were given the option of attending a health education group in which healthcare professionals educated the subjects on women's health, with no specific attention towards weight loss. In both groups, short-term weight loss during the first six months was attributed the most to eating less sugar and fried foods, as well as eating more fish. Eating at restaurants less was also shown to have some impact on weight loss, but since dining out decreased regardless of weight loss at the 48 month mark, researchers hypothesized that it may have also had to do with economic factors. But simple things similar to what the study showed like making exercise an active part of her life, not skipping meals and snacking on healthier items like fruit or almonds helped her lose weight.

After taking care of over 10,000 patients, one of the commonest questions I'm asked by menopausal women is how to best control their weight. The most common concerns I hear from my menopausal and postmenopausal patients are how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to lose weight.
But, promising new research shows that there may be simple dietary considerations that may help shed pounds - and keep them off for good.
It's relatively simple: Eating less sugar, meats and cheeses and consuming more fruits and vegetables were shown to help long-term weight loss. Because post-menopausal women have a natural energy expenditure decline, it's even harder for them to lose and maintain weight. After four years, continued decreases in eating deserts, sugary drinks, meats and cheeses with increases in eating more fruits and vegetables helped increase weight loss, showing these practices were more appropriate for long-term effects.

Adding two servings a day of fruits and vegetables from what they previously ate was shown to result in a three-pound weight loss four years later. The study appears in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I'm not on any special diet, I don't have a personal trainer, and I'm terrified every minute that I'll backslide like I have in the past.
However, 57 percent of the intervention participants and 29 percent of controls had maintained at least a five-pound weight loss.

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