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We have mixed feelings about the paleo dietВ for several reasons, one of them being that the diet is so dang heavy in meat. You’re coming across as rude and you make a lot of assumptions about people who eat Paleo. January 9, 2015 by kseniaprints 14 Comments In case you wondered about my paleo commitment after Wednesday’s yam and granola casserole, rest assured – I made myself a paleo version as well! A perfectly satisfying seafood soup kept us warm at night during my first paleo week – but it’s pescetarian! So after scouring dozensВ hundreds of recipes, I present to you what I consider some of the best vegetarian paleo recipes out there.
These are just a few select recipes; I will continueВ collecting more (vegetarian) paleo-friendly recipes on my vegetarian paleo Pinterest board as the month goes by.
So without further ado, here are some of my picks for the best vegetarian paleo recipes out there.

Though zucchini noodles are hardly innovative, it wasn’t until I took on this paleo challenge that I actually gave them a try. Whether you’re on a paleo journey or just looking for a way to lighten up the next few months, I hope these eight recipes get you inspired to eat in a better, simpler way! The United Nations Environmental Programme issued a report in 2011 that suggests converting to a vegan diet, or at least transitioning away from animal products, is one of the best available solutions to our current environmental problems. It appears this author is not familiar with what the paleo diet is…too bad, I was willing to give it a try, regardless of how offensive the article was written. A lot of recipes included some form of sugar, butter, or processed sauces and spice mixes, and in some cases even quinoa or rice noodles (which, even though gluten-free, are definitely NOT grain-free, nor paleo).
I did a similar challenge last year (a little more restrictive than Paleo as well, but I had meat).
We've hunted and gathered all the best meat-and-vegetable mains a Paleo disciple could want.

So, even though most people agree that it’s nearly impossible to be vegetarian and paleo at the same time, we urge you to give Meatless Monday a try.
Unsurprisingly, it was hard to find paleo recipes that were vegetarian (if you’re into books, Paleo Vegan and The Paleo Vegetarian Diet are considered good resources). While I stopped having sugar cravings (and boy was I having those after the holidays), I started having some serious carb cravings towards the end of the month (and wasn’t feeling my best).

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