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I plant a kiss on his head, and sniff his hair the way I used to when he was tiny, when he was a toddler. These are all ways of reconnecting with your toddler or preschooler to help them successfully navigate their present difficulty as well as to cope with difficulties they’re confronted with in the future.
Bookworm weighs in on must-have books for your children in Little Hearts’ How to Build a Home Library for Bookworms from Tots to Teens series. A bit of humor just the right size for aВ little one, a fun adventure,В and an easy to follow storyline make this book a definite must-have for toddler bookworms! This book is as fun for mommies and daddies as it is for children because you can’t help giggling at the silly pout-pout fish while enjoying theВ rhythm of theВ lyrical and humorousВ story!
This is one ofВ the bestВ introductions to the alphabet available because, in addition to its uniquely SeussianВ illustrations,В its trademark Seussical cadence engagesВ little ones’ attention and brings them toddling back for more again and again! Every one of my six children have eagerly asked for this book to be read and rereadВ to them during their early years, including my littlest who is a toddlerВ now.В In fact, I’ve had to buy new copies several timesВ through the years to replace the ones that fell apart from overuse!
Little Critter is the quintessential toddler in Just For You, stretching his wings and trying to conquer the monumental tasks ofВ little-personhood such as eating a sandwich for lunch (minus the crusts, of course!), just for his mama.
This colorful board book with its cut-outs, raised trees and butterflies, and sing-song rhyming verses isВ one ofВ my little ones’ most frequentlyВ requested books!

The beauty of this book is the fun use of onomatopoeias that every little one will enjoy saying along with you as you read this to them again and again and again! Mommies and Daddies will love this book as much as their little ones will with its whimsical photos of a sleeping baby traveling the world, sailing the seas, and resting among the moon and the stars in this unique and sweetly humorous first book from new mama, Adele Enersen. While all of my children (and I!) love the Disney version of Pooh, the classic books and illustrations areВ treasures that every little one needs to be introduced to.
The fun and lively poetic quality of the verses in thisВ Mini Master board book will keep your little one entranced as you share the lovely reproductions of Matisse’s work. Note: Many of the books in the 25 Must-Have Books for Baby BookwormsВ and the 25 Must-Have Books for Preschool Bookworms are great for toddlers, as well, and vice-versa. In the world of a child wonders are as simple as sticks and sheets, leaves and books, boxes and giggles, and the promise in a rainy day.
It was filed under books, children's books, communication, family, literacy, preschooler, reading, toddler and was tagged with books, childhood, children, children's books, literacy, parenting, preschoolers, reading, toddler. Trying to avoid tantrum triggers (tiredness, hunger, overstimulation, etc.) is always a good first step, along with remaining in-tune, responsive, and available, but when all else fails and a tantrum does occur, reacting with an adult tantrum is tantamount to throwing fuel on a toddler-tantrum-fire. Check out 25 Must-Have Books for Baby BookwormsВ and 25 Must-Have Books for Preschool Bookworms, and watch forВ 25 Must-Have Books for Early Elementary Bookworms, 25 Must-Have Books for Tween Bookworms, 25 Must-Have Books for Teen Bookworms, andВ 25 Must-Have Books for Young Adult Bookworms in the coming weeks as well as literacy tips, book activities, and book nook ideas!

It’s a soft, fuzzy book with a gentle rhythm that gets them all ready for sleepy-time and sweet dreams. It was filed under bookish, books, children's books, comic books, Dr Seuss, literacy, literature, Uncategorized and was tagged with books, literacy, picturebooks.
Seuss, Mercer Mayer and Mo Willems, but my 5 year old has introduced me to his favorites: the Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin. In those cases mamas can still achieve a healthy attachment and strong, loving relationship and even boost their oxytocin ‘love hormone’ levels by holding their little ones close to their hearts during feeding, making eye contact and exchanging smiles and coos and giggles, kissing and nuzzling their babies’ fuzzy little heads, keeping their little ones close during the day in a baby wrap or sling, taking time out for a few periods of ‘kangaroo care’ each day, and meeting nighttime needs quickly, gently, and consistently.
Your little ones will love discovering new things about their favoriteВ “silly oldВ bear” in theseВ re-released books! This little book is awesomely entertaining for little hands andВ a great introduction to the wonderful world of superheroes. My toddler, on the other hand, doesn’t have tantrums because that simply isn’t part of her own unique personality, but she’s still fascinated by her Calm-Me-Jar and loves to sit with me and watch the “pintess faywe dut” (“princess fairy dust”) glitter settle when she’s feeling a bit cranky or out-of-sorts.

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